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List of free 2d,3d engine and others tools

Post by Cellulo »

Lists of free 2D,3D game engine and 2D,3D tools to make fast prototyping games or more serious games for Windows only, some engines need basic programmer skills or no:

Last update: January 22 2023

TIP: Click with your middle mouse button or Ctrl key + Left click on links to open them in a new tab in your internet navigator.

List of free 3D engine:


-Blender 3D 2.79
-Easy FPS Editor v1.5 - Lite
-FPS Classic 1.20 ( now open source with all 3d models packs)
-MANU 1.1.3
-Raycasting Game Maker 4.62 & 5.31 (use high res)
-Ray game designer 2
-Silent Walk FPS Creator 2 (Now free)

AVERAGE ( need programming skills )

-Basic4gl 2.6.4 and Basic4gl Mobile 1.3.4
-Bennugd 1.00 r348
-Blitz3D 1.108c, (can also make 2D games), Now it's open source : GitHub Blitz3D, Some tutorials ... sic3d.html, ... m/Blitz3D/
-BlitzMax 1.50 or this one BlitzMax, Now it's open source : GitHub BlitzMax, IDE:Blide
-Cafu 3D 12.05
-Cube 1 engine
-Cube 2 engine Sauerbraten, Nightly build link:Cube 2 Sauerbraten nightly build
-DarkBASIC Pro Open source, (can also make 2D games), Hand On DarkBASIC Pro Volumes 1& 2 books (now free).
-DIV games studio
-Esenthel engine
-Evaldraw 01/23/2022
-Godot Engine 3.5.1
-Maratis3d 0.3.21 beta
-Megakerma 3.0
-MicroStudio 22.11.10
-Naalaa 7 beta
-Neoaxis 3D engine 2022.1
-Platinum Arts sandbox 2.8.2
-Raylib 4.2 (can also make 2D games)
-RPG Paper Maker 2.0.1
-Tesseract engine first edition (11/05/2014 ), Nightly build link:Tesseract nightly build
-Urho 3D 1.9.0 alpha

HARD ( need more programming skills )

-Bonzai 1.4.1
-Build Engine 1.0
-Build Engine 2.0
-ezEngine 22.11.0
-Fyrox Engine 0.29
-Irrlicht 1.8.5
-Jmonkey 3.5.2
-Lumberyard beta 1.28 (free 3D engine by Amazon based on Cryengine)
-O3DE 22.10.0
-Ogre 3D 1.13.6 & Ogre-next 2.3.1
-Panda 3D 1.10.13
-Pnd3D engine
-Storm Engine (Sea Dogs game engine)
-Torque 3D 4.0.1
-Unreal Engine 5.1
-Unity 2022.2.1
-Voxlap, and this cool example game using voxlap engine:voxelstein3d (source code available)
-Stride3D 4.1 (old name Xenko)

List of free 3D modeling and animation tools:


-Asset Maker 1.1
-Autodesk 123dapp
-3DAce 2.72
-Anim8or 1.0.1 v1403
-Blockbench 4.6.1
-Character fx 1.2, import: 3DS, OBJ, TXT (milkshape3D ASCII); export: 3DS, B3D, X , MD2 , OBJ, TXT (milkshape3D ASCII), and N (Nebula)
-Clavicula (creator of Neobarok)
-CubeKingdom 2.0
-Cv3D 1.09
-DAZ studio pro
-Dilay 1.9.0
-DOGA - L1
-Freeship 2.6
-Google SketchUp 8.0.15158
-Goxel 0.11.0
-Hamapatch 2.9 and 3.0 preview version1.03
-Hexagreat 3D 5.2.5
-kHED 1.1.5
-LeoCAD 21.06
-LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.12
-Looxis Faceworx 1.0 (June 2013)
-MagicaVoxel, optimize MagicaVoxel meshes with this tool -V-Optimizer 0.0.5
-MakeHuman 1.2.0
-MarbleClay 6.4
-MeshMolder 2022
-Misfit3D 1.2.4 (stable) and 1.3.8 (Dev), FORK :Maverick Model 3D 1.3.13
-Monstermash (Onnline)
-Pacemaker 1.34b
-PhotoVoxel Beta 0.1.1
-Spline Design 0.5.1
-Sweet Home 3D 7.0
-Tattoo 3D 1.86
-trueSpace MS Legacy Edition V1.2
-Unicorn3D 2013.1
-VECTARY (online 3d tool)
-Wings 3D 2.2.9


-Albatross 3D
-Autoremesher 1.0.0 beta3
-Art of Illusion 3.2.0
-bforartists 3.4.1 (a cool Blender fork)
-Blender 3.4.1
-Cascadeur 2022.3.1
-Dust3D 1.0 rc6
-FreeCAD 0.20.2
-Gmax 1.2
-Meshmixer 3.5
-OpenFX 2.4
-Seamless 3D 3.019
-Xismo 2.25a
-Xsi mod tool 6.01
-Xsi mod tool 7.5

List of free UV mapper, paint texture, texture pack tools:

-Agama materials 0.16
-LithUnwrap 1.3f
-Quixel Mixer 2021.1.2
-SpriteUV2 1.61 ($)
-Tattoo 3D 1.86
-UVmapper classic 0.30a

List of free normal map, bump map, texture generator:

-Agama materials 0.18.1
-ATI Normal mapper
-AwesomeBump 5.1 ( need Windows 7/8 or newer)
-Gimp normal map 1.2.3 ( you need Gimp )
-InsaneBump script for Gimp
-InsaneBump 2.5
-Laigter 1.10.7
-MapZone 2.6.1a
-Materialize 1.78
-Material Maker 1.1
-NeoTextureEdit 0.6.4
-njob 1.0
-NormalmapPainter Alpha 1.5.0
-Nvidia melody 1.2
-Nvidia normal map plugin ( you need Photoshop )
-PixaFlux 2022 12 02
-ShaderMap 4.3.8 (free for non commercial use)
-SMAK 2.0
-Smart Normal 2.0 (Online)
-SSbump generator 5.3
-TexGraph 0.4.1
-TextureLab 0.3.3
-Texture Tool
-xNormal 3.19.3c (64-bit)

List of free 3D external renders:

-Appleseed 2.1.0 beta
-FastPix3D 3.1.1
-Fujiyama Renderer 0.3.7 alpha
-FurryBall RT free edition
-Kerkythea Echo boost RC 2.5.2, Kerkythea 3.0 boost edition
-Literay 6.0.2
-LuxCoreRender 2.6
-Mitsuba 0.5.0
-Nox 0.44 (Now Open source)
-Picogen 0.3.1
-Pixar Renderman 24
-POV-Ray 3.7.0, PoseRay 3.13.31 and Moray 3.5
-Yafaray 3.5.1 for Blender 2.78, Yafaray 0.9.0 for trueSpace 7.61 Workspace

List of free 3d plant models and 3D tree models:

-ngPlant 0.9.13
-PlantStudio 2.1 [now free]
-Tree It

List of free 3d objects viewer and 3d objects converter:

-Br3D-3D Viewer
-Celsview, you can download this cool character to test Celsview: Isako
-Konvertor 5.04.18
-Noesis v4.4466
-P3dO Explorer 2.9.3

List of free 2D engine:


-Arcade Game Studio 1.34, bundled with CHM help file made by Cellulo, all-in-one file pack.
-Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Free Edition
-Construct classic 1.2 and R2 (last version), (SOON new file with all plugins and examples files (*.cap) in one file hosted by me.)
-Gamedevelop 5.1.156 (open source)
-GB Studio 3.1.0
-InterAx game engine 3.3.1
-Novelty 0.8.9
-Scrolling game development kit 1.46
-Scrolling game development kit 2.31, samples and resources
-Scroller Shooter Creator 1.19 (NOW FREE)

AVERAGE/HARD ( need programming skills )

-Adventure Game Studio 3.5.1 patch 17
-BennuGD-1.0.0-r348 and need Bennu Pack
-Bitmelo 2.4.0
-Bladecoder Adventure Engine 4.1.0
-Blitz3D 1.108c, (can also make 3D games), Now it's open source : GitHub Blitz3D, Some tutorials ... sic3d.html, ... m/Blitz3D/
-BlitzMax 1.50 or this one BlitzMax, Now it's open source : GitHub BlitzMax, IDE:Blide
-Blitzplus 1.47, Now it's open source : GitHub Blizplus SRC, youtube videos tutorials : 1, 2.
-Cerberux X v2022-03-26
-Cocos2d-x v4.0, v3.17.2, v2.2.6, Cocos Creator 3.7.0
-Ct.js 3.2.0
-Defold 1.3.1
-Duality 3.0
-FIFE engine 0.4.0
-Flare 1.14
-Franck engine
-Freebasic 1.09
-Gideros mobile 2023.1
-Godot Engine 3.4.3
-Impact 1.24
-libGDX 1.11.0, also can make 3D games.
-Love2d 11.4
-LowRes NX 1.2
-Melonjs 14.4.0 (html5)
-MicroStudio dev
-Monkey X engine 87a
-MonoGame 3.8.1, also can make 3D games.
-Naalaa 7 BETA
-OpenBOR 3.0 6392, new version : OpenBOR 3.0 6412 (need register to download)
-Paintown 3.6.1
-PGE engine 0.4.3
-Phaser 3.55.2(html5)
-Pixel Vision 8 v1.3.0
-Pixelbox 2.1.0
-PixiJS v7.1.0 (html5)
-Pygame 2.0
-RCBasic 3.19r4
-Slick2D 237
-Solar2D 2022 3685 (ex Corona)
-Solarus arpg engine 1.6.5
-Tilengine 2.13.2
-Torque 2D 3.0 (see github, releases section , to get the last release)
-Tululoo game maker 1.3.0, binary and source code (purebasic) of the 2.00 version is available in the tululoo forum.
-Wade 5 (online)
-Wick Editor 1.19
-Wonkey 2022.04

List of free 2D images editor and paints editor:

-Active Pixels 2
-Alchemy beta 009 Win
-AzDrawing 2.02, Tips
-AzPainter 2.12, Tips, Tutorials
-Autodesk SketchBook
-Chasys Draw IES 5.22.01
-Creative Docs .NET 3.3.6
-Darktable 4.2.0
-Deep Paint 2.0
-Drawpile 2.2b3
-FireAlpaca 2.9.1
-FotoSketcher 3.80
-Gimp 2.10.32
-Gimphoto 24.1
-G'MIC 3.2.0
-GLIPS Graffiti 1.5
-HeliosPaint 1.7
-Hexels 3.15 ($)
-inkscape 1.2.2, a cheap alternative is Drawplus X8 from Serif, it's old but have more features than Affinity Designer the last vector tool from Serif company.
-Jump Paint 5.0
-Krita 5.1.5, see this useful plugin for krita: Shortcut composer 1.1.0
-LazPaint 7.2.2
-LView Pro 2006
-MediBang Paint 28.4
-MyPaint 2.0.1
-Opencanvas 1.1
-Paint.NET 5.0
-PaintStar 2.70
-PhotoDemon 9.0
-Photofiltre 11.4.1
-PhotoScape 3.7
-PhoXo 8.4.0
-Pictbear 2.0.4
-Pinta 2.1
-PixBuilder Studio 2.2.0
-Pixelitor 4.3.0
-Pixia 6.61be
-Pixelformer RC3
-Ponyscape 0.4 patched
-Qaquarelle 0.0.4a
-Rendera 1.9
-RealWorld Paint 2013.1
-Saint Paint studio 18.1
-sK1 2.0
-Speedy Painter 3.6.6
-Sodipodi 0.34
-Storyboarder 1.0
-SpeedyPainter 3.6.6
-Vectr (Online)
-Verve 0.99w.09, Manual, Demos videos

List of free reference images viewer tools:

-Kuadro 0.9.5
-PureRef 1.11.1
-RefShelf 0.4.0

List of free perspective tools:

-Carapace 1.0 by Epicgames
-Perspective Sketch 1.0

List of free 2D animations tools (pixels,vectors, etc...):

-Animation Desk
-AnimeEffects 1.3.4
-Bitmapflow 1.0.2
-Clipnote Studio 1.1.2, Paperclip tool for converting/exporting Clipstudio animation in *.mp4, *.gif or *.clip native format
-Creatoon 3.0
-Cyotek Gif Animator
-DragonBones Pro 5.6.3
-EasyToon 1.9.9
-enve 09.25.22
-Express Animate 3.12
-Jasc animation shop 3.11
-Kinovea 0.9.5
-Kpedit 0.1.1
-OpenToonz 1.6, based on "Toonz" program, See my page of useful videos tutorials links.
-MR Easy Sprite Animation 0.40 alpha
-Pencil2D 0.6.6
-Pivot animator 5.1.31 beta
-Plastic Animation Paper 4.0
-Skeleton 1.1 (wait a moment to grab the file from wayback machine)
-Spriter ($)
-Synfig 1.4.4
-Tahoma2D 1.3.1, NEW FORK OPENTOONZ, easy UI
-Tupi Desk 0.2.19 (KTooN fork), Maefloresta's tutorials
-SpookyGhost 2022-09.r75
-Vectorian Giotto 3.0.0
-VPaint 1.7

List of free 2D pixel editor:

-Aseprite 0.9.5 (last version free), the lastest version is not free but it can be free if you can compile the source code: Source info compilation
-Autodesk Animator Pro 1.3a (need Dosbox to work), and the source code
-AzPainter 2.12, Tips, Tutorials
-BRPixel 2021.08.04
-Chasys Draw IES 5.22.01
-Crosti 1.17.0
-Cstitch 0.9.8
-D-Pixed 2.17
-dpixel 0.1.1
-Dither Machine beta 6
-Edge 1.29b, Edge 1.29c ( only in japanese )
-Evilpixie 0.3
-FireAlpaca 2.9.1
-FontSprite 1.17
-Gimp 2.10.32
-GraphicsGale 2.08.24 [NOW FREE], A cool Graphicsgale manual, Japanese sprite tutorial
-Hexels 3.15 ($)
-iDraw 3.32.3 EN new english version by me
-LibreSprite 1.0
-Lizbox 2.1
-Mini Sprite Editor 1.0.9
-Moai 1.7 (successor of Autodesk Animator)
-mtPaint 3.50
-Multipaint 25/11/2020
-Paint of Persia 0.3.2
-PaintCAD 4Windows
-Paint.NET 5.0
-Paint.Net Animation Helper v1.0.1.3
-Palette Studio 1.2 (Blender addon to make sprites from 3d models)
-Pictbear 2.0.4
-Piskel 0.14.0
-Pixelmash ($)
-Pixelorama 0.10.3
-PixelToolbox 1.1
-PixiEditor v0.1.8.0
-Pro Motion NG 7.2.8 (aka Pro Motion 7) ($)
-Pyxeledit 0.2.22c
-REXPaint 1.60
-Rock XL 0.0.3 Alpha
-SPARTAN 1.2.1
-Tilemancer 0.2.1
-Timanthes 3.0 beta 2, Timanthes 2.3 beta with source code
-Wally 1.55b
-Zixel 1.0.30

List of free color palette editor:

-ActEdit 0.78b (for MUGEN engine), To have english interface, delete "ActEdit.ini" file and rename "Eng_ActEdit.ini" to "ActEdit.ini"
-CoMiGo's palette generator ( ONLINE )
-Cyotek color palette editor
-Palette creator 1.05
-Palette Painter 2.1
-Palette Knife $
-PaletteMaker 1.5 (Trial) ($)
-PaletteEditor 1.02
-PalMerge 3.00d
-PaletteScope 1.1.4 (english translation by me)
-PEdit 0.9.1
-PixelPaletteTool 1.93
-Vector Chimera 0.2

List of free 2D tile map and level editors:

-2D Map Editor 1.1
-BlockDesigner 3.00
-Brick Atelier 0.85
-Cm21 2021.06.26
-Cornutopia Mapper 1.16
-Crocotile 3D 2.0.6 $
-Jugimap 1.25 beta
-LDtk 0.9.3
-GLEED2D - Generic Level Editor 2D 1.3
-Mappy Tile Map Editor 1.4.23
-MR Tiles Master 0.75
-Ogmo editor 3.4
-Tile map editor (TileME) 1.2.2
-Tileset generator 4.0
-Tile Studio 2.0 $, old version
-Tiled 1.9.2
-tIDE Tile Map Editor 2.0.7
-Tiles Builder 2.51
-Tilemap2Tileset 2.1
-TuDee 1.0.4
-Universal Map Editor 1.4
-Zixel 1.0.30

List of free 2D sprite sheets editors:

-Cyotek Spriter
-darkFunction Editor
-GlueIT 1.06
-Image 2 Spritesheet
-Quadtastic 0.6.6
-ShoeBox 3.6.5
-Simple Sprite Editor 1.0.5
-Sprite sheet scanner
-Spritter: Sprite Slicer
-Swf spritesheet creator 1.7
-TukunEditor 0.71 ( english translation by me)

List of free 2D 3D sprites particles generators:

-Arcade explosion generator
-Effekseer 1.70b
-Exploser ( only in japanese but easy to understand )
-Explosion generator 1.1
-ExploGen V2
-Explosion Texture Generator 1.1
-MR Effects to SpriteSheet
-Simple Explosion Maker
-Talos 1.4.1

List of free screen color picker:

-Colorcop 5.4.5
-Colorpix 1.1
-Just Color Picker 5.7
-Palette Picker v1.0

List of free 2D icons, cursors editors:

-AniFX 1.0
-Greenfish Icon Editor Pro 4.1
-IcoFX 1.6.4
-Junior icon editor 4.39
-LiquidIcon XP Editor 1.0.4
-RealWorld Cursor Editor 2013.1
-Snicoedit 2.2.8
-Varilcons Icon Editor

List of free GIF capture videos tools:

-GifCam 7.0
-LICEcap 1.32

List of free compositing and editing videos tools:

-Blender 3.4.1
-Fusion 18
-Kdenlive 22.12.1
-Natron 2.5.0
-OpenShot 3.0.0
-Shotcut 22.12.21

List of free audio editor tools:


-Audacity 3.2.3

List of free music maker tools:


-BeepBox 4.0.1
-Circuli - generative ambient sound instrument ( ONLINE )
-Chordpulse misc tools
-Duck Composer
-Hayper's Music Generator
-Images to Music
-Mario Paint Composer, some soundfonts:
-Muser 1.0.0 alpha
-Otomata - generative musical sequencer ( ONLINE )
-Petaporon ( ONLINE )
-Pixitracker 16bit and 1bit v1.6.5
-ModBox 3.2.2 ( ONLINE )
-Strofe ( ONLINE )


-Apricot Synth 1.0.3
-Audiosauna [ONLINE]
-Bosca ceoil 2.0
-Midi Maker 1.01
-Musagi 1.68, ( Tip for Musagi to have better view on the pattern: Edit the config.txt file with notepad, and at the line "doublesize: 0" set "0 to "1" and save )
-Musagi 0.24a unofficial (buggy now under win10), created by my brother and me.
-Pxtone, Manual here, (you must delete japanese.ico to have english interface), source code :
-Sunvox 2.0c
-TS-404 (synthesizer)

AVERAGE ( need base of tracking skills )

-Arkos tracker 1.0, Arkos tracker 2.0.1
-Adlib Tracker II SDL 2.4.24
-Buzz 1503, Buzz Machines
-Darkwave Studio 5.9.4
-DefleMask 1.1.5 ($), DefleMask 0.12.1 (legacy version)
-Dn-Famitracker (modifications and improvements for 0CC-FamiTracker (based on j0CC-FamiTracker 0.6.3)
-FamiStudio 4.0.6
-Famitracker 0.4.6 ( nes tracker)
-Fasttracker 2 clone 1.51
-Furnace 0.6pre3
-OCC Famitracker (Famitracker fork based on the official 0.5.0 beta source)
-HivelyTracker 1.9
-Jitt64 1.04
-klystrack 1.7.6,-tutorials for klystrack
-LMMS 1.2.2
-Mod2PSG2 2.05 (master system tracker)
-Musetracker 1.5 ( nes tracker)
-Noise Station v1.21
-Oxide Tracker 0.02 ( nes tracker)
-Pata Tracker 1.5.2 ( nes tracker)
-ProTracker clone 1.56
-Protrekkr 2.6.3 (Thanks to Krowbarh for the link), old version Protrekkr 2.5.4,
-Psycle 1.12.2 beta
-SnevenTracker 0.2.2 (fork of famitracker and OCC famitracker), SnevenTracker mod patch by Shiru8bit
-VGM tracker 1.11 (sega genesis tracker)

HARD ( need more tracking skills )

-Aodix 4 (use only VSTi plugins to make sound, no need samples files, Patch repair: Aodix repair patch
-Milkytracker 1.03
-MuseScore 4.0.1
-Skale Tracker 0.81
-Schism Tracker 20221201
-SVArTracker 1.22 Free version, Youtube videos tutorials

List of free sound maker tools:


-BeepFX 1.2
-bfxr 1.5.1
-Chiptone 0.5.1
-LabChirp 1.60
-Leshy SFMaker [ONLINE]
-Lonelynoise [ONLINE]
-rFXGen 3.1 FREE NOW, source code here : rfxgen source code

List of Misc Useful tools:

-Artmesh 3.4.558 trial
-Cartography shop 4.1
-evolved tools and shaders (some tools for Darkbasic Pro)
-gile[s] 2.0 beta 4
-MeshLab 2022.02
-NeoTextureEdit 0.6.4
-Pix3led 2.0.1
-Terrain generator 3.0.5
-Texture processor 1.3

List of Setup Installation Makers Tools:

-Innosetup 6.2.1
-Install Creator 2
-NSIS 3.08
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Re: List of free 3d engine.

Post by BNG »

As I recall Torque just went open source as well. Unreal is also available for those with programming skills.
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Re: List of free 3d engine.

Post by Tiles »

Do you search for a game engine for your needs? Or what is this posting meant for? :)

Wiki tells me that there are quite a few more." onclick=";return false; . Not that this list is complete by any means. has another neat list:" onclick=";return false;

You list oldtimers here that i wouldn`t really recommend anymore. Like 3D Rad and 3Impact. Their development is stopped since a pretty while. That doesn`t make them useless. But there is better stuff nowadays. And riding a dead horse requires special skills as we trueSpace users knows ;)

The industry big boys have free versions nowadays. That`s the way to go when you want to make a game. Which makes the small and unknown game engines that you have listed here somehow obsolete. They can hardly compete with the big boys. Torque went free before a few days. Unity basic is free. UDK is free. There`s a free version of the cry engine, and so on.
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Re: List of free 3d engine.

Post by MikomDude »

Yeah, Unity, Unreal and Cryengine 3 are all free for non-commercial developers. One can see why these kind of smaller game engines are dying out. Unity is great for beginners and pros alike. Unreal is an all time classic for the traditional developer who wants a game that impresses. CryEngine though is for the ambitious, though I haven't seen many noteworthy projects made with this engine yet. This might become something though: Used to be an Unreal project but they switched to CryEngine 3 a couple of months ago.
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Re: List of free 3d engine.

Post by Draise »

I think the ones he listed are just 3D engines, not necessarily Game Engines. But a handy list nontheless, for developers!
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Re: List of free 3d engine.

Post by Tiles »

I don`t know for the rest, but 3Impact is a game engine. 3D Rad is a non programming game development tool that uses the 3Impact game engine. It`s developed by the same developer. And HGE is a directX 2d game engine.
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Re: List of free 3d engine.

Post by BNG »

I also think that DX Studio looks interesting, but being just a smple model maker I get confused with all of the tasks involved with using 3D engines or game engines makes my tiny little brain ackum something fearse. ;)
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Re: List of free 3d engine.

Post by neighborlee »

I would like to add another MIT licensed ( engine; editor is GPL ) game engine to the mix:" onclick=";return false;

It started out as a blender supported engine , but has 3dsmax exporter for current 2013 only ( atm anyway), and collada support is on TODO .

It's a very nice , light engine with a more than sufficient Editor, which is something very have , and given its current features set I think it has a lot of promise.

The big boy engines as referred here to here were always tempting, but then the minute you want to consider making a few dollars you have to share, and while what they are asking isn't the moon ( for what you get with engine), I still like the freedom of MIT.

The thing that stands out for me anyway, is the very nice editor/player in one, which is something Very few OSS & free game engines can say right now. This one is actively supported obviously,and has many tutorials written for it by several different people, and the number of example games being done is started to rapidly pick up.

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Re: List of free 2d,3d engine and tools

Post by Cellulo »

Updated list:

3d engine:

-added Torque 3d engine
-added maratis 3d
-added darkbasic pro

2D engine:

-added blitzplus
-added gamemaker studio
-added ethanon engine
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Re: List of free 2d,3d engine and tools

Post by Tiles »

It`s fantastic to see how hard you avoid to add the useful state of the art game dev tools :P
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