tS7.6 - Customized Timer Event

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tS7.6 - Customized Timer Event

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tS7.6 Timer

This Timer is a Timer Event that has been encapsulated with a Transform and Mesh node so that it can be selected in 3D Space for the purpose of recording either the Frame or Time attributes in the Animation Editor.
Timer.PNG (8.53 KiB) Viewed 1221 times
Select = For selecting the Timer Event.
Reset = Sets the Time and Frame to zero.
KP.PNG (4.78 KiB) Viewed 1216 times
In the Animation Editor right click the Record icon to open the Keying panel and add the Time, Frame, or Active attributes that you want to Record. After you record the Time or Frames it is not necessary to run the

Add the Active attribute for the purpose of running scripts that are connected to the ControlOut. Record keyframes with it On and or Off.

Note: Procedural & Scripts should not be combined on one Timer.

Update: Exposed the Time and Active attributes in the Timer Event panel and is not shown in the included video.
tS76 Timer.zip
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