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Re: List of free 2d,3d engine and others tools

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2D Game Engines:

Godot Engine: A versatile and user-friendly open-source engine for 2D and 3D game development.
Unity: Although known for 3D, Unity offers robust 2D game development capabilities.
Defold: A lightweight engine suitable for 2D game development, particularly suited for mobile platforms.
GameMaker Studio: Allows users to create 2D games with a visual scripting system.
Love2D: A framework for creating 2D games in the Lua programming language.
Pico-8: A fantasy console for making, sharing, and playing tiny games and other computer programs.
Phaser: A fast, robust, and user-friendly HTML5 game framework for 2D games.
GDevelop: A beginner-friendly visual game engine for creating 2D games without coding.
3D Game Engines:

Godot Engine: Also excels in 3D game development, offering a wide range of features.
Unity: Renowned for its powerful 3D game development capabilities, used in professional game development.
Unreal Engine: A high-quality 3D engine offering cutting-edge visuals and advanced features.
Blender: A 3D creation suite that includes a game engine, ideal for smaller projects.
Armory3D: Built on the Blender engine, Armory3D is used for creating interactive 3D content.
Babylon.js: A powerful, open-source 3D engine focused on web-based game development.
Other Tools:
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