Can't view tutorials

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Can't view tutorials

Post by blackdog » 03 Sep 2009, 23:12

Hi guys, i'm totally new to TrueSpace and the fascinating world of 3d in general. It looks like a great program with a terrific community. Now, as advised i have downloaded as many tutorials as i could get my hands on from the Caligari site. They look like a fantastic asset!

The only problem i have is that while i can view the tutorials just fine online from the website, I can't view the ones i have downloaded. It keeps telling me to enable Javascript, which is enabled, and download Flash, which is already nicely installed, ty very much. Is it a Vista permissions thing? I get a message asking me if i want to run the active x or script and i say yes, but still get only the error message. It would be really great if i could view these tutorials once they sadly disappear from the website. What am i doing wrong?

Thanks for a great resource with this forum, guys!

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Re: Can't view tutorials

Post by Steinie » 04 Sep 2009, 02:01

Copied from Caligari Forum

Q: I seem to be missing the codec needed to play back the training courses. What do I do?

Jack Edwards:
A: The recent courses should mostly be WMV 9.0 or 9.2 codec and should play on any computer with an updated version of Windows Media player installed. Some of the older courses use some less common codecs though. If after updating Windows Media player you are still having problems try these two softwares:
ffdshow-tryouts (codec pack)" onclick=";return false;

and GSpot (codec identifier)" onclick=";return false;

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