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trueSpace7.61 Beta 8

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Unofficial Update version 10

July 15, 2024

This Unofficial Update is for trueSpace7.61 Beta 8, 'Full Version’ that includes Workspace and Model
IMPORTANT: This Update should not be used with any other trueSpace versions or previous Unofficial Updates!

:: Layouts

4View, Default, Floating, trueSpace6, My Default, Workspace, and YafaRay4tS
* Removed the duplicated tSMainWnd nodes
* Removed all of the unused RS...toolbar Frame Windows
* All Layouts include the new WorkspaceMain2, Main2, WinGUID_Bar, and LENavigatorBar toolbars
* YafaRay4tS layout with YafaRay libraries and toolbar
* WorkSpace layout with expanded Horizontal toolbars
* 4View layout has 3 WinGUID_Bar toolbars set to their WinID for the ortho views
* Postprocess - Bloom, Alpha, Blur, Glow, Pixelate, Tint, Vignette 1, Vignette 2, and Vignette 3 aspects

:: Widgets

Object Move, Rotate, and Scale widgets
RClick - Close Transform widgets
Supports - Automatic Keyframing

Camera Move, Rotate, FOV, and Rectangle Zoom widgets
RClick - Close Camera widgets
RDrag - Reset FOV
Supports - Automatic Keyframing

Background widget
I + Move Mouse - Opens Custom shortcuts panel

Object Navigation widget 1, 2, and 3
Bars Triangles Cubes Arcs
Shift + LB - Switch Object Navigation Widgets
H + LB - Switch to Selector Cage Widget
J + LB - Show|Hide Selector Cage Widget
I + Move Mouse - Opens Custom shortcuts panel
Supports - Supports - Automatic Keyframing

Selector Cage widget
Custom shortcuts
H + LB - Switch to Object Navigation Widget
Ctrl + LB - Open Selector Cage Preferences
Supports - Supports - Automatic Keyframing

Point Edit widget 1, 2, and 3
Bars Triangles Cubes Arcs
Shift + LB - Switch Point Edit Widgets
I + Move Mouse - Opens Custom shortcuts panel

Camera 1 widget
Shift + LB - Switch Camera Widgets
I + Move Mouse - Opens Custom shortcuts panel
Supports - Auto Record Keyframing

Camera widget
Shift + LB - Switch Camera Widgets
I + Move Mouse - Opens Custom shortcuts panel
Supports - Automatic Keyframing

Spot light widget
Ctrl LClick - Preferences
LB - View
RB - New View
Supports - Automatic Keyframing

Spot light view widget
I + Move Mouse - Opens Custom shortcuts panel
Supports - Automatic Keyframing

View widget
Encircle 'Green'
Perspective view
I + Move Mouse - Opens Custom shortcuts panel
Ortho views
I + Move Mouse - Opens Custom shortcuts panel

Skeleton tool widget
* Added missing X-Ray brick

Material Inspect widget
I + Move Mouse - Opens Custom shortcuts panel

Axis widget
I + Move Mouse - Opens Custom shortcuts panel

:: Panels

* Character Editor/Skeleton tool - Joint Placement to Center
* Object Render Attributes - Add Owner Name and Invisible
* Windows Settings panel - Fixed it so it works
* Scene panel
Changed the command for the "Show Object Attribs" to the new Show script
* Postprocess panel
Added Edit Boxes, Scrubbers, Glow Color, Set and Reset
* Soft Selection
Added a gradient image
* Brush Displacement
Added a gradient image

:: Preferences

Original Camera, Custom Camera, EntryPoint, and Yafaray Camera

* All Lights have a new UI
* Spot and Projector's Preferences have button scripts that change their Attenuation to No Falloff, Linear Falloff with distance, and Inverse Square Falloff with distance. RMB command resets to trueSpace's Default.
* Color Picker button opens the Color Picker - Author Clinton Reese.
Note: The Default light setup is the only library item that was modified with the new lights. Unfortunately all preexisting lights, scenes, libraries, and Light setups will have the original lights.
* Added a Cylinder primitive to the Spot and Projector lights and its radius is hooked up to the light's Angle attribute.
* Modified the shapes for Infinite, Directional, Sky, and Omni
* Projector - Added a Square spot light bitmap, camera, and a Sequence aspect enabling a user to load and animate a sequence of images
* Added a Reset Rotations button
* Added an IES button to the Spot and Projector lights panels

* Tube primitive "Does not have widget controls"
* Gear primitive "Does not have widget controls"
* Settings icon
LMB click - Selects the preferences node and opens Settings in the Keying panel
RMB click - Selects the parent object

* Exported the 'Snap Radius' attribute on the Grid aspect

UV Editor Preferences
Lightened the color of the Background bitmap control
Color aspect
* Brush Size attribute and scrubber

* Protect Workspace, and Guard buttons - Author Clinton Reese
* Enter button renames the scene
LMB click inserts the current Scene name
RMB click resets the Scene name to Space 2D
* Undo History Clear button
* Dialog settings View button
* Recent Files Clear button
* Display Toolbars button Off|On

Animation Preferences
* Shrink Play Range button script
* Play - Plays the Play Range
* Stop - Stops and sets the time to the Start of the Play Range
* Scrubbers for Start and End 'Play Range'
* Advance Frame 'Advance frame forwards or backwards by amount entered'
* Automatic Keyframing and Bake Keyframes. - Author Clinton Reese
Object Navigation widget(s), Object Move, Rotate, Scale, Camera Move, Rotate, FOV, Spot, Projector, and Camera(s) widgets include Automatic Keyframing

Mesh Editor Settings
Default and Soft aspects
* Attribute buttons for setting default colors 'Right click Reset'
Mirror aspect
* Mirror attribute button scripts. - Author Clinton Reese
* Help link and Reset Default settings button 'Right click Reset'
* Copy and Mirror button script

Material Editor - Library Browser Edition
* Active Editor button
RMB click to Reset
* Library Places button
RMB click to Update Library Places
* Library button
2D Aspect / 1D 2D Aspect button
LMB click - Saves the 2D Aspect frame's current Location, Height, and Thumbnail size
RMB click - Saves the 1D 2D Aspect frame's current Location, Height, and Thumbnail size
Note: Also saves the current aspect, 1D, 2D, or 1+2
* Advance aspect
Save - Material Editor
Note: This will overwrite the backup Material Editor that is used when you Reset to Default Context

Tip: To update the Library Browser, right click the Library Places button or select the Update Library Places icon in the Material Editor.
In the Library Places -> Combo Control, select the Main Library Place.
In the next Combo Control, select which library you would like to open.
Note: At any time your libraries are not showing, select the Update Library Places icon again to update the Library Places.
To use the D3DMaterials, select the D3DMaterials in the Library Places -> Combo Control.
In the next Combo Control, select the Materials - DX9 and press your Enter key.

D3D Material Editor
Includes the UV tools, Render Scene, Render Object, Render Animation, Render to File, Edit material in Link Editor, Material List, and Convert D3D materials

Vray Material Editor
Includes: Includes the Render Scene, Render Area, Render Object, Render Animation, and UV tools

Offline Renderers
Vray and Yafaray buttons
These scripts will switch the active Renderer with an option to update the scene Lights & Camera
* When switching from Vray to Yafaray, the Vray & PhotoRender panels are removed from the scene
* When switching from Yafaray to Vray, the YafaRay4tS panel is removed from the scene & closes the YafaRay4tS toolbar
Add Vray aspect with options for Vray
Add Yafaray acpect with option to Remove YafaRay4tS

:: Workspace Shortcuts

Redefined and added additional shortcuts, included a backup, and a Shortcut list.
* Window.Shortcuts.default
* tS761 Workspace Shortcut List.rtf
* Workspace shortcuts XML

Object Move and Rotate shortcuts
3D View & Anim View - 'Window in focus with object selected'

Code: Select all

Object Move
4		-X Move -0.1
6		+X Move 0.1
8		-Y Move -0.1
2		+Y Move 0.1
Page Up		+Z Move 0.1
Page Down	-Z Move -0.1

CTRL 4		-X Move -1.000
CTRL 6		+X Move 1.000
CTRL 8		-Y Move -1.000
CTRL 2		+Y Move 1.000
CTRL Page Up	+Z Move 1.000
CTRL Page Down	-Z Move -1.000
Home		   Normalize Location

Object Rotate
7		-X Rotate -1.000
9		+X Rotate 1.000
1		-Y Rotate -1.000
3		+Y Rotate 1.000
0		-Z Rotate -1.000
.		+Z Rotate 1.000

CTRL 7		-X Rotate -45.000
CTRL 9		+X Rotate 45.000
CTRL 1		-Y Rotate -45.000
CTRL 3		+Y Rotate 45.000
CTRL 0		-Z Rotate -45.000
CTRL .		+Z Rotate 45.000
5		   Normalize Rotation
:: Toolbars

jScript Record toolbar
* Stop all Activities icon
RMB - Opens a jScript in the Link Editor

VBScript Record toolbar
* Stop all Activities icon
RMB - Opens a VBScript in the Link Editor

3D Record toolbar
* LMB & RMB command opens its preference panel in the Stack/Settings
* Record Undo icon

WorkspaceMain, WorkspaceMain2, and WorkspaceMain3 toolbars
* 2D Encapsulate icon - 2D Encapsulate selected objects
* 2D Unencapsulate icon - Unencapsulate selected objects
* 3D Encapsulate icon - 3D Encapsulate / 3D Unencapsulate
* 3D Unencapsulate icon
* Flatten History icon - Flatten History / Flatten History and UnDo UV Projections
* Copy icon - Copy objects
* Delete icon
* Reset Default Context icon - Reset to Default Context? / Resets to Default Context
* Default Context Backup icon - Save current state "Default Context Backup"
* Scene icon - Generate new Space / Navigate to the scene level in the Link Editor
* 3D Record toolbar icon - 3D Record / 3D Record Preferences "Opens in Settings"
* jScript Macro toolbar icon - jScript Macro toolbar / Insert jScript Command
* VBScript Macro toolbar icon - VBScript Macro toolbar / Insert VBScript Command
* Unlook At icon - Unlook At / Look At Utilities
* Look At icon - Look At / Look At Utilities
* Show icon - Show selected objects / Preferences
* Hide icon - Hide selected objects / Preferences
* Hide unselected / Preferences
* Show All icon - Show All - Lights, Cameras, and Objects / Preferences
* Hide All icon- Hide All - Lights, Cameras, and Objects / Preferences
* Show Cameras and Lights icon - Show All - Cameras and Lights / Preferences
* Hide Cameras and Lights icon - Hide All - Cameras and Lights / Preferences
* All toolbars that have Object render modes and Grid modes, have a RMB command that sets their render mode for ALL windows
* IES Profiles icon - IES Profiles / Spot Cone "Added to the Lights tools"

Main2 toolbar
* Render to File
RMB click - Opens the Render to File folder

Animation Editor toolbar
Added a prototype

UV Editor toolbar
* Select by Material, Hide, and Show geometry icons
* Next Material icon
LMB click - Next Material
RMB click - Previous Material
* Undo/Redo icons
* Move selection icon
RMB click - Opens the Snapping aspect
*Paint Brush(s)
RMB click - Opens the Color aspect
* Export texture icon
RMB click - Opens the Export aspect

Workspace Navigation
* Select by Painting icon
RMB = Resets the Default PE selection settings
* Set Default Pose icon - Prompt to Set Default Pose
* Added the missing Flatten Axis button which is used to store the pivot into mesh for procedural animations
* Fixed the Weight Paint tool's wrong command
* Changed the tooltip for the Axis - Normalize Orientation to Reset Axis
* Added MeshModifiers.ConvertSelection('','') command to the Shrink and Grow buttons
* Added the missing Transfer Skinning Weights button which is used to transfer the Skin Weights from one Character to another
* Added RMB command to the Axis tool button which toggles the Axis Widget to show In Front
* Added Geometry Selection Utilities - Author Clinton Reese

Workspace File Menu
* Help - United 3D Artist, Updates, Shortcuts, Close All - Windows, Panel, Toolbars / Reset All Toolbars
* Save As - Object, Recording, Scene, and Optimize
Save As Recording saves the scene with compression
Optimize - Removes Vray and Model attributes
* Export - Curves or Patch
* Import - Curves or Patch

Added to the main view's title bar in all layouts
* Material Editor
* Set Camera - LMB = Set Camera / RMB = Eye view
* Look at Selection - LMB = Look a selection / RMB = Look at next object
* Perspective - RMB = Rotates the View
* Isometric - RMB = Rotates the View
* Object Move, Object Rotate, and Object Scale
* Camera Move, Camera Rotate, Camera FOV, and Rectangle Zoom
* Zoom to Selection - LMB = Zoom to Selection / RMB = Zoom to next object
* Zoom to next Object - LMB = Zoom to next Object / RMB = Zoom to All
* New View - LMB = Opens a 3D Window with a NewViewBar toolbar set to its WinID
NewViewBar toolbar
* Save New View - LMB = Saves the window's current size and location

E button 'Encapsulate in the Link Editor'
* LMB - 3D Encapsulate
* RMB - 3D Unencapsulate
* LMB - 2D Encapsulate
* RMB - 2D Unencapsulate
P button
* LMB = Select Parent
* RMB = Open selected parent in the Link Editor
C button
* LMB = Select Child
* RMB = Open selected child in the Link Editor
< button
* LMB = Select previous object
* RMB = Open previous object in the Link Editor
> button
* LMB = Select next object
* RMB = Open next object in the Link Editor
| button
* LMB = Center selected object in the Link Editor
* RMB = Center next object in the Link Editor
R button
* LMB = Rectangle select
* RMB = Preferences
Ctrl+ button
* LMB = Toggle On|Off for LMB Selecting/Deselecting Objects - Author Clinton Reese
* RMB = Unselect
U button
* LMB = Object tool
* RMB = Unselect and close Panels in the Stack/Panels
Open button
* LMB = Open the Link Editor Navigator menu
* RMB = Open Scene
Organize button
* LMB = Minimize All and Arrange
* RMB = Maximize All and Arrange
Arrange button - Arranges all panels
Select button
* LMB = Opens the Cycle Select panel
* RMB = Opens the Select panel - Author Clinton Reese
Set LE
* LMB = Set active Link Editor Window
Scene button - Opens the Scene
Object button
* LMB = Opens the selected object in the Link Editor
* RMB = Open Scene
Active Window button
* LMB = Open Active Window

:: Library

My Anim Clips
My Objects
My Scenes
Use: Red Custom toolbar - Save Scene / Backups
My Recordings
Use: Red Custom toolbar - Save Recording / Backups

* Modified Underwater - Original Author Matthew J. Collins (Délé)
* trueSpace with a modified Earth object - Author Clinton Reese
* Flip Animation - Author Clinton Reese
* Happy Fourth of July - Original Author Johnny Tho
+ Water_Clouds_Sub - Original Author Noko
* Earth Wind and Fire - Original Author Noko

YafaRay Lights
YafaRay Materials
YafaRay Scenes
YafaRay4tS Setup

Materials - DX9:
* Auto Scale Bump, Auto Scale Bump2 (modified version with stones)
* Fog materials. Author - Matthew J. Collins (Délé), and Ultimate Mapped Material.
* Alphabetized the library index.
* Components - Compositing - Author Clinton Reese
Lights library
* Fog Spot and Fog Omni lights. Author - Matthew J. Collins (Délé)
* Gradient Texture
* BlankDXMaterial
Exported to the parent object... "When you select your object, the material shows in the Stack/Panel
LMB click - Shows the materials in the Stack/Panel
RMB click - Opens the materials in the Link Editor
Settings icon to each shader
* D3D Constant Color
* D3D Constant Alpha
* D3D V Ramp and D3D U Ramp - Author Clinton Reese
* Image Cloud.RsMat
* Image Marble.RsMat
* Image Perlin.RsMat
* Image Voronoi.RsMat
* Image Wood.RsMat

Texture coord shaders
* AlphaTextureMap
* ImageTextureMap
* ConstantTextureMap
* NormalTextureMap
* SpecularReflectionMap
* DefaultTextureMap
Settings icon to each shader
LMB click - Selects the node for showing the attributes in the Keying Panel
RMB click - Selects the material
Tip: You can add the attributes to the Keying Panel

Bitmaps - Base
* 5 Gradients for use in Soft selection profiles. - Author Clinton Reese

Bitmaps - Textures

Objects - Script objects library
* Camera Deluxe installer.RsObj - Author Gord Stanton
* Render Region.RsObj - Author - Clinton Reese

Objects - tS7.61 Update objects library
This library includes several objects to further enhance trueSpace
* Updated and improved all objects with several newly added objects
* Send Status Messages script that demonstrates a new Status Message object installed in System
* Status Message - Author Clinton Reese
Enables a user to send a Status Message for a determined amount of seconds with an optional Notify sound and or have the text read out loud

Postprocess - Author Clinton Reese
* Update RsD3DBloomFilter.RsObj
* Set Postprocess Color Key.RsObj
* R2TexturePostProcessing.RsObj
* Set R2TexturePostProcessing Color Key.RsObj
* AlphaSphere.RsObj
* Rosetta.RsScn
* 3D Icon Maker.RsScn
* Scene Animator FX.RsObj

Particle System - Author Clinton Reese
* Particle System Up.RsObj
* Particle System Down.RsObj
* Particle System Face Up.RsObj
* Particle System Up Billboard Encap.RsObj

Components - Operators
* Saturate.RsObj

Height field
* Create Height field.RsObj - Author Clinton Reese
* Height field object.RsObj
* Height field.RsObj
* RGB Height Field.RsRcd
* Sequence Object.RsObj

OptDetectors - Author Vladimir Sisolak
OptDetectors - Help objects
OptDetectors - Samples

:: Misc

Script Commands
* OnNewScene


* sceneview2

* Included a modified ts76_manual.html that links to an included modified tS6help.chm, New in 6.5.PDF, ch30_NewInTrueSpace66.PDF, ch27_PhysicalSimulation.pdf, tS76_MS_Animation.pdf, tS7_AG_3.17.pdf, tS7_AG_Ch_4_NormalMapping.pdf, tS-E Shader.pdf, tS7_DG.pdf, DevGuideScripts library, and UsingBonesToVertex.pdf files.
* Image Folder and Animation Folder added to the main directory for rendering images.
* D3DView.RenderToFile.Settings.xml set to the Animation Folder.
Included /trueSpace761
* RsAnimPlugin.rsx and RsAnimPlugin.pdf
* Clintons3dDAE.rsx version 1638426
* Clintons3DFBX2019.rsx version 1638426
* RsGLTFPlugin.rsx version 1638408
Note: Install and Load from the Package Manager

* Included: Clintons3dPlugin.dll v.1638452, Clintons3dPluginExt.dll v.1638415, Clintons3dRsView.dll v.1638415 and the OptDetectors.dll Author - Vladimir Sisolak
The init.js file Imports the above 4 plugins and should not be Installed from the Package Manager, including any other plugins with the same name that have the rsx extention

* Added OptDetectorsPreferences.RsObj to Preferences. This stops the plugin from always loading its libraries. You can open the libraries from the Library Browser

Model - Plugins
* PolyCombine.tsx - Author Clinton Reese
* LoadTextureMap.tsx - Author DesignDevil
* FindCamera.tsx - Author Chikara
* toolbox.tsx - Authors - Casey Langen and Joe Brewer
Animator’s Toolbox
Tails, Shakadelic Pro, Real-time Array, Neo-Kern, Strobe Lights, Animation Eraser, Animation Slider, and FPS Converter

* Camera.tsc
* My_Default.tsc
Note: If wanted you can Import these from the Configs folder

YafaRay4tS v1.0.0 Author - Clinton Reese

YafaRay v3.3.0

YafaRay is a free open-source montecarlo raytracing engine released under the LGPL 2.1 license. Raytracing is a rendering technique for generating realistic images by tracing the path of light through a 3D scene

There are two different types of YafaRay Releases:
Releases for Blender: Include the Blender-Exporter code and the YafaRay Core files, in a package ready to be installed in Blender

Standalone Core Releases: Are intended to be used by 3rd party software and *not* to be used with Blender

Download the YafaRay v3.3.0 render engine from:

Unzip the file and copy the ‘yafaray_v3’ folder
YafaRay Standalone:
C:\Program Files\yafaray_v3

Note: If you install the YafaRay v3.3.0 render engine after installing this update:
From Workspace in the Stack/Panel - YafaRay4tS/Setup aspect
Set the 'YafaRay Installation Path' to the yafaray-xml.exe file where you have installed YafaRay v3.3.0
Select the [Save Settings] button

In Workspace, open the YafaRay4tS layout.
Open the YafaRay4tS scene from the YafaRay4tS Setup library

Update instructions:
Open the Task Manager
If you find any Standalone Runner (32 bit) or trueSpace (32 bit) programs open, Select each one and RClick - End task
Close the Task Manager

It is recommend that you completely Uninstall and Install trueSpace7.61 Beta 8 to a clean directory
This is only necessary when you first apply this update
Install the PDF Manual for trueSpace (Optional but required before installing the Update)
Install the tS76_Vray1_54B8.exe (Optional but required before installing the Update)

Close trueSpace761

1.) Install the YafaRay v3.3.0 render engine
2.) Install the tS76PDF 'Manual for Caligari trueSpace' & tS76Video (Optional but required before installing the Update)
3.) Install tS76_Vray1_54B8.exe to C:\trueSpace761 (Optional but required before installing the Update)
4.) Install tS7.61B8.10.exe to C:\trueSpace761
Browse [...] to where you installed C:\trueSpace761, select its folder and then the [Extract] button
Select the [Yes to All] button
5.) Open trueSpace761
6.) Select the [OK] button in the OptDetectors plugin Information dialog
7.) Reset to Default Context
When trueSpace opens, select one of the layout tabs at the top and Close trueSpace761 - REQUIRED

If Vray is installed:
8.) Press your keyboard's CTRL + F8 keys to open the Package Manager
Right click in the Package Manager and select [Install New...]
[Open] C:\trueSpace761\Vray_ts.rsx
Right click in the Package Manager's Vray Package and select [Load]
Close the Package Manager
9.) Close trueSpace761 - REQUIRED

WARNING: The trueSpace Button libraries are not compatible with the UU10 toolbars!
WARNING: Using any trueSpace 7.61 Unofficial Update Patches or other Installers may not be compatible with this Unofficial Update version 10
If the reset.js and or init.js file is deleted or modified, you will have to run the tS7.61B8.10.exe again!

If the plugins do not Load, Download and Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package
Note: When downloading the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package you are given 3 choices
Choose the 32-bit version; vcredist_x86.exe

Special thanks to Clinton Reese for all his help and contributions in this update :worship:
(93.95 MiB) Downloaded 4 times