tS7.6 - FPN Camera Keyframer

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tS7.6 - FPN Camera Keyframer

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tS7.6 FPN Camera Keyframer

Enables you to automatically record Camera actions while navigating the Camera in
FPN (First Person Navigation) mode.
FPN Keyframer.PNG
FPN Keyframer.PNG (4.35 KiB) Viewed 1206 times
To start make sure your 3D Space view has focus and this FPN Camera Keyframer panel is selected.

Activate = Activates the view from Camera, activates FPN in Paused mode, and the Timer starrts creating Keyframes.

Right click in 3D Space to activate FPN and begin navigating your scene.

When you are finished recording your actions, Right click in 3D Space to pause FPN and select the Deactivate button.

Multiplier = Mutiplies the generated Keyframes.
A Multiplier of 5 seems to be a good match with the Period set at 300

Reset = Resets the Timer and Animation Editor to zero.
If you want to start over without reloading the FPN Camera Keyframer, you will have to do some cleanup inside the panel. Disconnect the AnimTrack and delete the AnimClip, as shown.

Note: You may have to Razor the begining and ending of your clip, depending how fast you perform the above procedurals.
FPN Camera Keyframer.zip
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