tS7.6 First Person Navigator

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tS7.6 First Person Navigator

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tS7.6 First Person Navigator
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This is different from the default trueSpace7.6 First Person Navigation tool. I have encapsulated an EyeCamera, FP properties, Trigger, and made an UI for it.
1.) You can set your FP properties separate from the Global Fp properties that are shared with everyone in Shared Space.
2.) Your FP properties can be saved as defaults.
3.) The trigger could be set up to use the Use Key. For instance you could make a FPN crouch key command.

Select the On button and right click in the D3D View to Activate/Deactivate.

Adding a unique name to the Actor attribute will keep your settings seperate from other users.

In truePlay2 open the Stack to set your First Person Navigator preferences.
After you enter your settings right click the D3D View.
First Person Navigator_RsObj.zip
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