tS7.6 - Retro Boy secret

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tS7.6 - Retro Boy secret

Post by trueBlue »

tS7.6 - Retro Boy secret
RetroBoy.PNG (47.93 KiB) Viewed 1427 times
I always wanted to point out something I found a long, long time ago. I thought it was kind of neat. Without giving out too many details, it is sort of a copyright thingy. But what is cute about this is where it is. It is buried really deep within. So in honor of Gary Davis and his gang I have put an interactive clue here in this scene. See if you can find it.
tS7.6 RetroBoy.zip
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Re: tS7.6 - Retro Boy secret

Post by froo »

hmmm I don't get it.... interactive, trueBlue? Deep down? I don't see anything.
Another hint please? ;)

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