tS7.6 Camera Viewer Toolbar

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tS7.6 Camera Viewer Toolbar

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tS7.6 Camera Viewer Toolbar

The Camera Viewer toolbar enables you to quickly change to one of seven camera views by clicking a button from the toolbar and/or the last viewed D3D View (Eye Camera View). Cameras have to be named "Camera", "Camera, 1", "Camera, 2", "Camera, 3", "Camera, 4", "Camera, 5", or "Camera, 6" which is the standard naming convention for the trueSpace 7.6 Camera tool. Each Camera View icon has a Right click command that selects the Camera and displays it's Advanced Camera settings in the Stack/Panels.

The included Eye2Cam tool creates a Camera from where you are viewing and enables its view. Also the Eye2Cam tool enables you to capture the current Eye Camera View and transfer its settings to a (Selected) alternate Camera or Object by Right clicking its icon. Rotation, Transformation, and Eye Camera's advanced settings are transfered.

Limitations: These tools work in a Default or similar Layout. Quad view is not supported.

Credits - Special thanks to Paul (Splinters) for creating all of the icons. Special thanks to Emmanual for some great suggestions that have been implemented.
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Installation Instructions:

Step 1 - Extract the Camera Viewer Toolbar folder to your Rs Main Library.
Step 2 - Run trueSpace and open the Library Browser and then open the Camera Viewer library.
Step 3 - Insert the Camera Viewer Toolbar from the library into the Link Editor and select the "Install" button.
Step 4 - Save your Layout (close and restart trueSpace).


• Select the trueSpace Camera tool and create up to seven cameras and position them where you want them. Then from the toolbar you can select and view from each of them. What I really like about these buttons is it is not necessary to have the D3D View in focus in order for these to work. Included in the download is an example scene that is setup with seven Cameras.
• Mesh Editing is supported as you will not exit PE by switching to another Camera.
• You can always find any of these Cameras by right clicking it's icon which will select it.
• In the Link Editor's menu select Centered Selected after right clicking one of the toolbar's Camera icon.
Camera Viewer Toolbar.zip
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Re: tS7.6 Camera Viewer Toolbar

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Amazing, that create camera at current view is just amazing, tS is getting better and better at a speed never seen before but this still unless to me because I don't use the 761 but seems that will need, also people should start looking for create a package because this is good but is spread.
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