May 2019 Challenge - Circus or Kitchen

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May 2019 Challenge - Circus or Kitchen

Post by Finis » 02 May 2019, 14:04

Theme: Circus or Kitchen.

Model whatever you want as long as it is somehow related to one or both of those. Pick which theme you like, do a circus picture or do a kitchen picture or combine them.


1) You can use any software.
2) You may create as many entries as you like but each must be a separate project.
3) The main object(s) must be new models that you make. Otherwise, you can use free or purchased models/resources, things you made in the past, and things generated by programs*.
4) Post your entries in this thread. For each entry include:
-- Name for the entry.
-- Finished image(s) or one animation.
-- WIP thread link. (Optional)
–- Software used. (Optional)

*Daz, Make Human, Vue, Bryce, Plant Factory, Plant Studio, XFrog, Ivy Generator, Terragen , various particle systems, and such.

Dates and Deadlines:

The challenge begins May 2, 2019 and ends May 27 at midnight in your location.

The poll will start on May 28 and continue through May 31.


Main Contest Thread, this thread, is reserved for the theme, rules and the posting of entries by contestants.

Comments Thread. Discuss the challenge in the comments thread. (here)

Poll Thread. A poll will appear on the day specified above. The winner will be determined by the votes in the poll. The winner will set the theme and make the rules for the next challenge.
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Re: May 2019 Challenge - Circus or Kitchen

Post by jamesmc » 17 May 2019, 16:31

Last Performance

Carrara 8 pro 64 bit
last performance finito.png
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Re: May 2019 Challenge - Circus or Kitchen

Post by FHembree » 23 May 2019, 22:56

Circus Tent.
TS 76.1 rendered in yafaray.

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