Vray for trueSpace 7.61 Standalone

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Vray for trueSpace 7.61 Standalone

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Vray 4 tS761Std4.PNG

This Vray Update is for the trueSpace7.61 Beta 8 Standalone, version only!
IMPORTANT: This Update should not be used with any other trueSpace versions!

Vray installation
1.) Install tS76_Vray1_54B8.exe for trueSpace7.61 Beta 8 to the C:\trueSpace761Std folder

2.) (Optional) Apply the 'trueSpace Beta 7.61 Standalone Unofficial Update' Version 6 BEFORE applying the Vray Update!
Unofficial Update

3.) Apply the Vray Update AFTER the 'trueSpace Beta 7.61 Standalone Unofficial Update' Version 6

Install tS76_Vray1_54B8.exe for trueSpace7.61B8 to the C:\trueSpace761Std folder

1.) Run the tS7.61B8StdVray.2.exe
2.) Browse [...] to where you installed C:\trueSpace761Std, select its folder and then the Extract button
3.) Select the Yes to All button.
4.) Open trueSpace and select the Reset to Default Context icon
5.) In Workspace select the Default layout tab
6.) Open the Material Editor
6.) Select the Vray Material Editor as the Active Editor
7.) RMB click the Vray Material Preview
Note: Repeat Step 8 when switching Material Editors or Load/Inspect a Vray Material

Note: The Plugins.xml file has the Clintons3dPlugin.rsx v.1638415 'April 5, 2020', Clintons3dPluginExt.rsx v.1638413 and the Vray_ts.rsx, Installed and Loaded.
CAUTION: This will overwrite any installed plugins, so you will have to Reinstall them from the Package Manager!
You can and should delete the 'tS' folder that is installed with the Vray installation.

These files include updates for:
* MaterialEditor (which includes Clintons3dPlugin.rsx for the Material Converter)
Note: RMB click the Vray Material Preview when switching Material Editors or Load/Inspect a Vray Material
Includes the Offline Render icons - Render Scene, Render Area, Render Object and Render Animation buttons, enabling them to resize the Vray render window using the Vray - Width and Height values
* PhotoRender (which has all of the non working render options removed)
Added an Update aspect that includes some scripts for Vray

All of the non working (Model Only) materials were removed from the Vray Shaders - Color library
Included a Default Color- Phong.RsLWm and Texture.RsLWm in the Vray Materials library

Vray Scenes
Capture.PNG (46.74 KiB) Viewed 1849 times
Updated 8/12/2020
Model scenes from the Vray Course that have been converted to Rosetta.RsRcd
The PhotoRender node in the scenes have been updated
All of the Model attributes have been removed

Special thanks to Gordon 'stan' Stanton for his help!
(29.05 MiB) Not downloaded yet