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Post by trueBlue » 01 Nov 2012, 18:04

Unofficial Update

February 24, 2010
September 12, 2019

Important: This trueSpace 7.6 Unofficial Update should not be used with tS7.61 and or tS7.61 Standalone versions!

List of Features and "Fixes" provided in this Update
Note: LMB = left mouse button. MMB = middle mouse button. RMB = right mouse button.

:: Layouts

4View, Default, Floating, Expanded and Modelspace
* These layouts have been fixed to prevent the Main toolbars from showing on the Desktop when tS7.6 is Minimized by merging the bottom two Workspace toolbars together into one toolbar and are docked with the Status panel.
* Removed all of the RS...toolbar Frame Windows
* Added an Modelspace layout
Note: Modelspace layout does not include the Stack, Workspace toolbars, or Animation Editor
This is a special purpose layout for those users that want to open tS7.6 with Model open
Before you open this layout set the Bridge to Off
Remove all objects in the scene
Open a new scene in Model

:: Toolbars

Animation Editor toolbar
* Added a Reset function by adding a prototype.

3D Record toolbar
* Added RMB command to the Play icon which opens its preference panel in the Stack/Panel.

jScript Record toolbar
* Added a Stop all Activities icon

VBScript Record toolbar
* Added a Stop all Activities icon

Workspace Main toolbar
* Unencapsulate 3D icon - Added a button to Unencapsulate a selected object.
* Copy icon - Changed the LMB command to include multiple selections and insert the copied objects to any opened Link Editor view at X = 600 and Y = 600 and offset each copied object horizontaly by 60. This only works in the Default or similar layouts. IE: It is path dependent. All other layouts the copied objects are inserted underneath the selected objects. RMB Command opens a Link Editor view and inserts the copied objects offset into the scene level only and works in all layouts. Note: Ctrl + C keys still uses the original command.
* Delete icon - Changed the LMB command to include multiple selections. Note: Delete key still uses the original command.
* Reset Default Context icon - Changed the LMB command to include a dialog giving you a choice to reset or not reset.
* Save current State - 'Default Context Backup' icon - Included.
* 3D Record toolbar icon - Modified it's placement.
* jScript Macro toolbar icon - Modified it's placement. RMB - Inserts a jScript Command.
* VBScript Macro toolbar icon - Modified it's placement. RMB - Inserts a VBScript Comma
* New Scene icon - Added RMB command to navigate to the scene level in the Link Editor.
* Unlook At icon - Added button that removes the Look At.
* Show icon - LMB Shows all the selected objects and RMB Shows the new Object Render Attributes panel for the selected object.
* Hide icon - LMB Hides all the selected objects and RMB Shows the new Object Render Attributes panel for the selected object.
* Show All icon - LMB Shows and RMB Hides any objects that have an Object Render Attributes panel.

Workspace Navigation toolbar
* Object tool icon - Added a LMB command to Unselect everything selected.
* Axis reset icon - Changed the tooltip to: Reset Axis.
* Axis tool icon - Added RMB command to toggle 'On/Off' the Axis Widget's 'Show In Front'.
* Set Default Pose icon - Added a dialog to cancel setting the Default Pose if one is already present.

Link Editor Navigator -2D
Included in the Default layout
* Open button, RMB = Current Scene.
* Scene button, LMB = Scene 2D / RMB = Scene 3D.

:: Widgets

Removed the duplicated Widgets.

View Widget
Encircle 'Green'
* Ctrl + LMB click Rotates the Perspective view and Isometric view

Object Navigation Widget
Additional controls:
* LMB + Drag - Moves selected object in X and Y
* MMB + Drag - Moves the widget
* RMB Select - Closes the widget
* Ctrl + RMB select opens the Object Navigation Widget's Preferences

Bars. Triangles. Cubes. & Arcs
* Ctrl + LMB select opens their Mouse settings

* Ctrl + RMB select the widget switches to the Selector Cage Widget
* MMB select in 3D Space deactivates Object and Camera widgets

Selector Cage widget
Additional controls:
* Ctrl + RMB select on widget switches to the Object Navigation Widget
* Ctrl + LMB select on the widget activates the widget's Mouse Settings panel

Object Move, Rotate, and Scale widgets
* MMB select in empty space deactivates each tool and it's icon highlighting.

Camera Move, Rotate, FOV, and Rectangle Zoom widgets
* MMB select in empty space deactivates each tool and its icon highlighting.

:: Panels

* Added customized Desktop panel exposing all aspects to the Default aspect.
Dialog View button. Added the Dialog settings panel to Preferences.
* Postprocess - Added Edit Boxes to the panel.

* D3D Material Editor - 'Edit in the Link Editor' enabled. Also added a RMB command to the 'Edit DX Material in the Link Editor' icon that navigates to the scene level in the Link Editor.
* Snapping - Exported the 'Snap Radius' attribute on the Grid aspect.
* Windows Setting - Fixed the Edit Boxes to Update on Change.
* Object Render Attributes panels - Added a Name attribute for the owner's path and name.
* Scene panels - Changed the command for the "Show Object Attribs" to the new Show script.
* All Lights have a new UI with all of their aspects showing in the Stack/Panel and include an Intensity attribute for their Solid Color. Default = 1 which equals no Intensity. Note: The Default light setup is the only library item that was modified with the new lights. Unfortunately all pre existing lights, scenes, libraries, and Light setups will have the original lights.

Material Editor
* Material Editor with Library Browser Edition
Note: To enable the Library Browser, right click the Library Places or select the Update Library Places icon in the Material Editor.
In the Library Places -> Combo Control, select the Main Library Place.
In the next Combo Control, select which library you would like to open.
Note: At any time your libraries are not showing, select the Update Library Places icon again to update the Library Places.
To use the D3DMaterials, select the D3DMaterials in the Library Places -> Combo Control.
In the next Combo Control, select the Materials - DX9 and press your Enter key.

:: Misc

* Camera - The Camera's Shape was modified so that the mesh does not show when vewing from any camera in some instances. The Camera's tool placement position is now Z = 1.000
* Objects - tS7.6 Update objects library
This library includes several objects to further enhance trueSpace.
* tS65 Help - Open from Model's Help menu
* My_Configuration - Import from Model's Configuration library
* FindCamera.tsx
* ISO POV Cameras.obl - Open from Model's Object library.
4 Isometric cameras Author - Emmanuel
4 Perspective cameras


It is recommend that you completely Uninstall and Install trueSpace7.61 Beta 8 to a clean directory.
Install the PDF Manual for trueSpace76.

1.) Run the tS7.6.2.exe
2.) Browse [...] to where you installed C:\trueSpace76, select its folder and then the Extract button
3.) Select the Yes to All button.
4.) Open trueSpace and select the Reset to Default Context icon.
5.) In Workspace select the Default layout tab.

Special thanks to Clinton Reese for all his help and contributions in this update.
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