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Re: Hyperventila - Humans

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Hey, You gotta do as your machines limits tell you. Yeah blender is a bit of a viewport 'chugger'. If you got a super machine then not much problem...

Just another reason why I personally don't use blender...

This is one aspect I test in every 3D app right away, as I use machines that are 10-15 years old...

XSI is one of the best for high polys, 3DS Max is honorable mention...For the lesser knowns Eovia Hexagon (Not DAZ) is great and Metasequoia is excellent (Version 3 though, not version 4)...

In fact Metasequoia also save to COB is great for poly-by-poly or volume modeling always liked way better than silo which always seemed overrated (Modo as well).

At any rate your work is quite excellent and look forward to seeing more! Your figures should be upfront promoted tS.

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