Luca Hollestelle in C4D R9.6 WIP...

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Luca Hollestelle in C4D R9.6 WIP...

Post by Krowbarh »

Here is another current WIP I am doing in C4D R9.603 of little known actress Luca Hollestelle...

I picked her for the red hair, chestnut eyes & ton of freckles...Doesn't get much batter than that!

Here we have her head, which that's all this is gonna be...I plan on full paint, SSS etc. copying areas from real pics to projection paint the freckled areas...

This head needs work...Nose too long & jaw needs squaring near the neck. C4D R9 has superior toolset & isoline editing VS XL7 making it easy for the whimpy-

The ears are fakes just for 'form' as they will be covered by hair...There might be a ridge or lobe show through but not enough for any of you to point your fingers & say "NYAHH-Ha-hawwww that's a garbage ear! It's GARBAGE".

So since I told you that circumvents this response...YES?

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