Early Winter on the Prairie

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Re: Early Winter on the Prairie

Post by tahnoak »

Darn work getting in the way of my play time. Oh well. here is an update. Still tinkering with stuff. Added some snow piles, not sure I like them yet. Also added a snow plow on the front of the tractor.

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Re: Early Winter on the Prairie

Post by Finis »

This is looking more and more realistic but this latest one has almost no mood or feel to it. That is unusual for your images.

Snow piles need something. I don't know what but they just don't look convincing.

The tractor tires look like rust. Shouldn't they be rubber? The whole tractor has the same rust look. Some parts would rust differently, not at all, or have some paint left.

Make each fence post a little different. Some would be more weathered, older, than others. The fence wire looks like it goes through the middle of the posts. It would be on one side or the other.

Sky looks too dark compared to the ground.
It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.

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Re: Early Winter on the Prairie

Post by Breech Block »

Finis raises some very good points and he is right, there is definately something holding this image back. As well as correcting his points, IMO, the skyscape is still all wrong. This is due to something Steve/Weevil pointed out to me when he showed some off his fantastic ariel shots. He looked for natural lines in the cloud images and got his model to follow them. Applying this "theory" to your image, the fence posts give you a natural line to the horizon but the way I interpret the clouds, they follow the lines I have indicated in the image below:
Prairie Alt.jpg

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