New - trueSpace 7.6 Unofficial Update version 2

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New - trueSpace 7.6 Unofficial Update version 2

Post by trueBlue » 10 Sep 2019, 20:23

trueSpace 7.6 Unofficial Update
February 24, 2010
September 10, 2019

New Default layout (1920x1080) and toolbars
New Modelspace layout (1920x1080)
Note: Modelspace layout does not include the Stack, Workspace toolbars, or Animation Editor.
This is a special purpose layout for those users that want to use tS7.6 with Model.
Before you open this layout set the Bridge to Off.
Remove everything from the Workspace scene
Switch to the Modelspace layout
Open a new scene in Model

Model - File menu
* Tooltips - Toggle On/Off
* tS65 Help - Open from Model's Help menu
* Bridge - RMB - Opens the Desktop panel
Auto, On,, and Off buttons

My_Configuration - Import from Model's Configuration library as shown in the above sceenshot


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