Free book on landscape making

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Free book on landscape making

Post by RAYMAN » 03 Sep 2019, 09:53

Its by Dax Pandhi.and it was originaly written for Vue......the man behind Quadspinner .Gaiea..Geoglyph the world builder plugin! Its an old book and its not 100%transferable but you get an idea also how to set up procedural landscapes in programs like Blender! Since the basic version of Gaiea is free even for comercial use..thats the book to the concept!

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Re: Free book on landscape making

Post by clintonman » 03 Sep 2019, 22:57

Thanks, looks like a fairly light read. I have, but never used Vue 5, so it might be useful even though it is from the Vue 8 days.
Clinton Reese

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