Fixing Axis Rotation of all Subitems in a group

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Fixing Axis Rotation of all Subitems in a group

Post by lrdsatyr8 » 16 May 2019, 13:04

Ok... here's a new one I have been battling... Let's say you create a group of objects (let's say thin cubes) and you join them all together into a group. Now, when you take another cube and Object Intersect it with the group, the new object that is created, all the axis' rotation in each of the subitems change and are now completely discombobulated. This is problematic when exporting the newly created object to another program (using DAE, 3DS, or DXF formats). Right now I have dive deep into the object and change each of the axis rotations to match the main rotational axis to prevent this from occuring. It also happens if I use a plugin like Polycombine to create a single object from a group. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this so that each of the subitem axis' match the main group axis easily without having to manually change each one?

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Re: Fixing Axis Rotation of all Subitems in a group

Post by stan » 17 May 2019, 01:15

This tsx for modelside will rotate axis to normal in a group in one click. You would have to rotate group first,by normalize rotation tool or just the axis with the tsx to make sure its in normal position. . then the sub object will match when you do them with R.B. of tsx . You might need to check if last sub item axis normalized..

maybe you could also try normalizing the boolean object axis first like I did in images below.

Hope that helps.
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begin..line up axis
object intersection.done..axes aligned.

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