Running trueSpace under Wine

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Running trueSpace under Wine

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Both 3.2 and 7.61 Beta 8 run under Wine 5.0, albeit not perfectly. This sets up a 32-bit environment and installs the required DLL files (replace "user" with your account name and ".wine" with a different environment name if desired):

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WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=/home/user/.wine winecfg
winetricks -q mfc42 d3dcompiler_43 d3dcompiler_47 ie8
Wine sets up a 64-bit environment by default, so it's important to do this before running it for the first time. It should be possible to run multiple instances in separate environments (e.g. one for the scene, another for modeling objects), although I haven't done that yet. Both programs run best in a virtual desktop which can be enabled in winecfg. Some issues I've encountered:

- The Workspace displays objects but the interface disappears during navigation, making it unusable.
- The Model side works for the most part, with the exception of the sidebar (options don't stick, so rendering options should be changed using the toolbar instead).
- Only OpenGL works properly on my system, but Wine does use hardware acceleration if available. Forcing antialiasing through the driver results in edge artifacts though.
- Raycast rendering is glitchy and slow, so might as well use scanline rendering. Either way it's faster in wireframe mode.
- The program should be started in wireframe mode before enabling OpenGL (i.e. always open/close the program in wireframe mode).
- Minimizing the window should be avoided as it's impossible to bring it back.

- Neither Direct3D or OpenGL work for me, it always switches back to 3DR.
- The main menu disappears but will come back with the ALT key.
- Same problem with minimizing.

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