Broken Skies

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Broken Skies

Post by Steve »

Broken Skies

Ladies and gentlemen, guys and gals, herein lies a project that will keep you well and truly in the dark. The "Broken Skies" project when finished will sure keep you glued to your seats and provide you with hours of non-stop entertainement, we show only the content, not the intentions nor where they go. We will show the lot, music, concepts, sounds, models, feel free to comment and crit. We chuck an abundance of stuff out of the blue at you on opening the Forum because we've already made some progress, not just started, this project has been active since late July

To help you along, here's some questions typically asked with a project

What's the project about?-
All shall become clear as and when we reveal more content, before too long you'll be able to hazard a guess at least

When will it be finished?-
Bottom line: When it's finished, like with every project made in spare time every team member has the ability to not contribute or bow out for a while/permanently due to more pressing circmstances, work being overloaded, no enthusiasm, the cat getting stuck in the CD drive, you've just divided by 0, whatever the reason. That also means this part of the forum might be silent for a while then jump back in life only to fall silent again.

Can I join?-
First and foremost, it's always a flattering question to ask so if we do get asked that we're not being ungratfeul of the offer, feel free to ask, while you won't be expecting an outright no, it doesn't mean "yes". This team is a small one, we'd like to keep it that way as much as possible but we're also looking for quality people to work on the team, not always outright skill with a program, people we'd get along with first and foremost, skill is secondary to having fun), no use having 500 people who don't know what a polygon is, but also likewise going after professionals when they aren't available, after all, these projects are always to benefit the team members involved with porfolios, learning, work, the usual.

Our contributors so far: I use full names for complete clarification, this WILL be a viable "product", and three of our members, myself included are piggybacking what we show and create here as work in progress evidence for our college courses

Steven "Weevil" Daniels
Julain "Schattendorn" Kwiatkowski
Steve "Madmouse" Brittan
Peter "Hellhound" Why
Paul "Weasle" Daniels
Sean "Tiffy" Murphy

Before we determin whether we can/should open more spaces for more members, we'll need to get further in with the project, it all depends on how much of a workload it will be for each team member, I don't want to say "yes or no" just in case the decision is wrong, and one or two of you might be disapointed if the answer changes

How many bananas will Prodigy earn?-
Give prodigy some bananas for opening this subsection for us :bananacool2:

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Re: Broken Skies

Post by jeffroig »

I am interested in helping if I can.
I would first like to know what is the project or storyline?
Then depending on the first question I would like to know what it is you need help with.

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Re: Broken Skies

Post by tahnoak »

Hey Weevil, great to see you are still ever the mysterious artist. Never revealing more than you have to and not until the time is just right.

I am always interested in seeing the work you put out there so I will be anxiously awaiting.

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Re: Broken Skies

Post by LeonRegis »

Hi weevil,

Just some questions that it's good to know before may I try to join...
Do you need experts in which areas? Animation, modeling, texturing, particles, ideas, etc...
If I enter will be more to learning than anything, considering that I do not have much experience. I think will be difficult to participate... :cry:

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