Great Zbrush Tutorials

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Great Zbrush Tutorials

Post by simmsman4 »

Just wanted to share some great zbrush tutorials I've watched on zbrush.

You can find these videos on

Publisher: Jason Welsh
Also called CannedMushrooms or house of tutorials." onclick=";return false;

Here is is website too:" onclick=";return false;

Great learning videos

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Re: Great Zbrush Tutorials

Post by weedhunter »

the website is very intresting. this guy know alot about software. i wounder what his game engine tutorail is all about i got to check it out thanks for the nice the link.

btw i wonder if he is going to update to Maya 2010 so far i only see 2009. he need to get updated.
it even has blender tuts and even other nice tuts.

thank for this nice link. :bananalove:
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