array sketching script for blender 2.70

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array sketching script for blender 2.70

Post by Cellulo » 19 Apr 2014, 20:47

Array sketching 0.75 script is like zsphere from zbrush but for blender, in fact this old script was made by Eclectiel in 2010 for Blender 2.5, but he never updated his script for the last release of blender, a guy named Crocadillian from Blenderartists have updated the old script for Blender 2.70 with new features. Thanks to him and original author for this great script.

Here the link to download the new script for Blender 2.70: ... ray-Sketch go at the page 3 to download the script in version 0.75.

And this video tutorial made by Dimetrii under Blender 2.5:

Warning this script is in alpha stage.

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