Shaders and Materials Pack V2.0 for the old tS6 [AVAILABLE]

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Shaders and Materials Pack V2.0 for the old tS6 [AVAILABLE]

Post by Cellulo » 25 Dec 2015, 13:59

Here the "Shaders and Materials Pack V2.0" in one zipped file from my Modelside Edition V2.1, for people that don't want download Modelside Editon V2.1 but only want the shaders and materials for the old "trueSpace 6.6", "trueSpace for Illustrators" and "gameSpace" versions.

If anyone else wants to contribute to this list, just post here or send me a PM and i'll update the list and the file.

Download: Shaders_and_Materials_Pack_V2.rar

You need the last Winrar version to decompress the file because i use the RAR5 method compression.
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