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tS7.6 3D Point Editing Toolbar

Posted: 21 Jan 2010, 02:35
by trueBlue
tS7.6 3D Point Editing Toolbar

This toolbar was created with trueSpace objects and can be moved in and around within a 3D Space.
The 3D Point Editing Toolbar includes a global tooltip and the following features:

•LMB+drag on any icon to expand nested icons.
•LMB select empty space collapses all expanded icons.
•LMB select any icon runs its command.
•RMB select any icon runs its command if it has one.
•Ctrl+MMB on the handle closes the global tooltip.
•MMB on the handle opens the global tooltip.

Note: LMB = left mouse button. MMB = middle mouse button. RMB = right mouse button.

Known limitation: A visual problem occurs when the 3D Point Editing toolbar is selected while it is being viewed from a stand-alone Camera.
Workaround: Delete the Object Hider inside the Camera and enable the Invisible attribute on the Object Render Attributes.