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Statistics HUD

Post by clintonman »

Heads Up Display(HUD) for mesh statistics.

To run push the Start HUD button
To stop push the Stop Clock then the Stop HUD buttons.

This displays top to bottom the number of faces, triangles, edges and vertices.
From left to right is whole object counts, selected items count and SDS counts.


Face counts are totally unreliable and edge counts are often doubled. Only triangle and vertex counts are reliable. Switching tho model side will mess up the text positioning. In this case just shutdown the HUD and start it again.

Script note: The text is displayed using AddMeasureText which is limited to 0-9 and cdfikmnptt(also upper case) letters and numbers. AddText works with all numbers and letters but doesn't look good. Each letter is divided into 5 segments so a size of 0.25 will make a letter that is 1.25 total size.
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Clinton Reese

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Re: Statistics HUD

Post by trueBlue »

Wanted to see how Markers worked and in doing so I updated this Statistics HUD created by Clinton Reese

Fixed an issue with the modified Marker not deleting
Fixed an error when no 3D Space view exist
This version does not export the connectors from the Eye camera
Fixed the Edge row by using a 1 for the missing L or E in the Measure Text
Used the GetNumFaces times 2 for the Edge count and divided by 2 for the number of selected Edges
Includes a Generate GUID script for the Markers

Included here for demonstration purposes is a modified copy of the Clock HUD created by Clinton Reese
With the random GUID for the Markers you able to run more then one activity with unique GUIDs within the Marker
Clock and Statistics.png
Mesh Statistics.RsObj
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