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Re: Truespace & Blender

Post by RAYMAN » 10 Feb 2018, 18:08

The best approach is the multi tool aproach with a few tools! Blender is awsome and Im using it all the time! The cycles render engine as well as eevee are great! I just use a different workflow nowadays.. and that includes TS!
Modeling in Blender is in some cases to basic!
To be effective in working with 3d and getting enough done in time you need to streamline your workflow! I do a lot of kitbashing these days.. and I therefore use a cad tool plus Sketchup.. because every piece that you are working with inside Sketchup can be made into an instance! Its about the size of things you are creating! I also use Vue stream because I learned how to use eco systems for building detailed models!....
The trick in 3d to get things done is a) Let the software do the population.. and b) Make and reuse you own premade kits through kitbashing!

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