Another Building

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Re: Another Building

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Prodigy wrote:
06 Feb 2013, 14:46
Hi again, i like to share some good points i found with truespace in this project..

Long time ago i found a bug in vray hairs, vray seems don't release memory, so each time you render hairs the memory used by the system grows up to a level where truespace crash.. so using hairs as polygons fix that problem but make a carpet with fur will take too much memory so hair are complex to be used..

Ok, but i had to make a realistic fur carpet so i tested hairs again..

I found vray hair seems use instancing and the render time take less time than if you use polygons.. so that's great!
I tested with 3000 hairs and the render speed was fantastic, but the memory still present. but hey? i need 1 shot..

So i have to start truespace load the scene and render.. nothing else..

So here is one test using vray fur. :)


Also for a long time i was scratching my head trying to make in ts a scene with a good illumination.. but i always i found ts makes too dark interiors.. for that i made a custom light.. was a simple concept. .make many directional lights without casting shadows so will increase the light inside the scene.. work, but was not perfect..

In this proyect i was trying to figure how to make it without to use gama in post process.. and an idea came to mi mind.. i use for the walls white and diffuse to 1.. what if i increase the diffuse? should work!! and that's it.. the solution was in front of my face all this time.. so now i use 1.5 for all interior walls.. and yes! it does the trick!

ook just to share some experiments..
By the way i told i found a good solution for the glass bug? i think i shared in the old ts forum but can't remember.. LOL
Hey Amigo!
Remember this scene from BetaSpace?
I remember Roman saying that he hoped to see this rendered one day.
Love to see your results with this scene and share the RsScn!
Hope all is very well with YOU & Family!
Gorilla Hair from BetaSpace.PNG
Gorilla Hair.RsScn
(2.59 MiB) Downloaded 192 times

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Re: Another Building

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Prodigy VRay Glass bug workaround: ... c.php?t=77

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