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Re: DARPA competition - XC2V

Post by v3rd3 » 23 Mar 2011, 08:45

The winner scares me... ingress and egress over a driver and passenger is convoluted at best and the idea of transporting casualties on top of each other is limiting as well.

If they plan on deploying this where there is a firefight I don't like the odds for the crew.

Tough call really because designing light vehicles for universal duty is a nutty concept to begin with.

Best all around imho is still the cranky ass wwII willys jeep that I used for recon duty. At least if you were getting shot at and wanted out you could bail in any direction and you could hide the thing in a tumbleweed. The best part was nobody I knew ever considered it a general purpose assault vehicle. We had to walk for that... lol

It is interesting to see these competitions and the outcome so anyone who is keeping their ear to the ground for this type of thing please keep posting.

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Re: DARPA competition - XC2V

Post by bitkar » 23 Mar 2011, 11:33

i like the links given here. Winner is quite interesting as a concept and that "like" entry was also very good. Verde is right. Maybe they will solve that problems later in development. But overall I like those concepts.

Btw: i thought we could make our own MMC from this as I provided tS friendly 3d model. Would be interesting to make our own competetion and see how ppl here would solve the problems and discuss it. Even no problem for local "pacifists", coz this will never be used in real ;)
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Re: DARPA competition - XC2V

Post by Finis » 23 Mar 2011, 16:28

I think this contest was meant to explore the concept of "open" development of military systems more than to gain an actual practical design. Not that they wouldn't continue to develop a good design if this has produced one.

I see votes for the designs on the Local Motors site so I'm not sure if the winner was selected by the public or by DARPA.

I liked the Warfox as a 4 wheel drive off road vehicle. It would sell to a civilian market. For military application I saw the same thing V3rd3 did: how easy is it to get in and out of. This one has easy entry and exit. Even the enclosed version has big doors. It doesn't seem to have skid plates. I'd want that and for military use I'd want the entire underside protected like a Humvee.

This would make a good MMC. A theme of "special purpose vehicle" where each contestant picks the purpose and then designs and models the vehicle would work for everyone.

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