smc #64 somthing to eat

Speed Model Challenge Thread.
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Re: smc #64 somthing to eat

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Just a quick model - just to show some support for the SMC really.

Title: Cheese
Model/Materials: Modo 401 - 40 minutes
Render: Modo 401 - 19 minutes
Post Production: Photoshop - cropping, color balance and contrast tweaks.

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Re: smc #64 somthing to eat

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realtime donut......

Title: Donut
Modeling: 15 minutes (simple sphere and torus and cube)
texturing: 3 hrs (really difficult in LE... parva shader modified)
Rendering: secs... (realtime)
Photoshop: half minute ( just auto color and resize)

forgot the wire....clintonman's auto layer thanks.

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