Easy way Minecraft style render with the cube 2 engine.

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Easy way Minecraft style render with the cube 2 engine.

Post by Cellulo » 07 Feb 2017, 09:48

Here a way to make a minecraft style render in Modelside with the editing tools of the cube 2 engine, the cube 2 engine is a free engine multiplayer fps like quake with a lot of maps but also with a cool editing tools to make your own map alone or in multiplayer (coop edit), it's the most easy engine to make map, all the map is in fact cube based, you need to push the corners of cube to make form, extrude or retract cube only with your mouse wheel, in few hours you can make cool map, well here the steps to make a 3d model of cube based in obj file format.

Things to do and to know before following the tutorial at step 7:

1) Download and install Cube 2 Sauerbraten Collect edition: http://sauerbraten.org/

2) Launch Cube 2, config your settings ( resolution, graphics, sound etc...)

3) In the main menu or in the game you can call the console menu by pressing T or the little 2 at left side of 1 key.

4) The console menu appear with a cursor at bottom left side, it's where you need to write "/newmap"

5) A empty map appear only with a gray ground, you are in fps game mode, to go in edit mode press E key, hold G and with the Mousewheel increase or decrease to change the size cube selection.

6) Here the manual with more information about the cube 2 engine edit mode: http://sauerbraten.org/README.html, or see the DOCS folder of your installation.

7) How to create an .obj-file from basic geometry in Cube 2 sauerbraten., Tutorial writed by Suicizer.

Next steps coming soon.

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