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Modeling a power plug

Posted: 14 Aug 2011, 10:51
by DesignDevil
A friend on mine wrote me and ask for a small tutorial about modeling the power plug which is shown on the header image of the plugin side. So i take a bit time and created one. Quick and roughly but maybe also helpful for others.

So ... here it is click me

Have fun, DD

Re: Modeling a power plug

Posted: 14 Aug 2011, 21:31
by ranger0101

As Always... Fantastic Tutorial!!! :bananathumb:

All I can say about your English is it is much better than
many Americans.. What I mean to say is your English is very Good..

I am positive that any tutorials you would do on modeling
anything would be very appreciated.. Nudge nudge..
Your Technic is very good and your instructions are clear,
thorough and easy to understand..
I always learn something that I can use on other projects as well.

P.S. I couldn't resist.. So here's my Power Plug...
Thanks again!!!



Re: Modeling a power plug

Posted: 16 Aug 2011, 21:16
by Emmanuel
Great tutorial !
I never realized the power of the Loft Surface tool for wires modelling !!!
It is sooooo nice to continue learning tricks on trueSpace :)
Many thanks to you DD :worship: :worship: :worship: