Czech hikes and adventures

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Re: Czech hikes and adventures

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Excellent! The photos are interesting. Cant' see fakebook. Is that beer in that can? So y'all played the part of Czech soldiers or resistance fighters vs. nazis? What encounters with the enemy did you have? Check points?

Um, you still have that fake ID? Is a passport included? Uh, um, how much bitcoin for that? Need to know the language to be convincing ... never mind.
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Re: Czech hikes and adventures

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that can is some energy drink. Fake document was something like a passport with a little card that was a travel permit.

Well, the original story is:
Its WW2. Czechoslovakia (rather czecho-moravian protectorate) is ocupied by nazis. There is resistance amongs the czech citizens who help to fight against nazis. Czech government fled to exile to UK. Czechs there join royal army as pilots (to defend britain against nazi attack) and paratroopers mainly to fight back. Paratroopers are trained as a special forces to be inserted back to CS to do all kinds of stuff (recon, information, sabotages, etc.). Resistance helps paratroopers - cover them, gives them accomodation, food, etc.

This march i atended was related mostly to operation codename Tungsten. Two paratroopers were supposed to be dropped near New Town in Moravia. But due to navigational erros, they were in fact dropped about 80 km by air far away from the drop zone. It was winter, almost xmas. It took them few days thru forests to get to their contact and evade all the nazis. Their side mission is to deliver crystal to another para group for their radio. They should contact somebody to live there and for the support. Main mission of Tungsten is to support other paratroopers and drops or material - to navigate the planes using radio beacon etc. And also orginaise some ppl to leave CS to GB. They had been doing it till the end of the war successfully. This was the real deal. The photo with candles is actually at the place they went.

In this march we are more or less replicating that as a tribute to all those guys. We were the paratroopers, contacting resistance and finding our way. We began with briefing from british officer, then "jumped" from a "plane" and went to that place. We had to contact resistance fighters to find our way there. We got clues like "map hidden in newspaper" or another contact name in another village, place written on a Cocacola bottle,... We got 2 pair of fake documents "made by british inteligence" for us and one more fake documents that were blank. Our mission was to deliver the blank documents to a guy in the target village.
We went thru checkpoint once. Normally you would show your fake IDs. But we managed to use crowds and slip thru. They must not find the blank IDs and a map we were given (those who failed with the map did some additional excersice). In one place - a pub - we just left it for next destination and we saw nazis on the road going there to raid the place. That was close ;) And there was one more checkpoint (big one) with a tent and such (and a dead body :D). We went there with our fake IDs, went thru and actually got a ride on a military truck to the finish with the meal (guláš) and beer and get our prices (mug, tshirt, etc.). But profesional soldiers that have S.E.R.E. certification were selected for interogation (and when they found a knife with english writings, they were in trouble-those pics are on fakebook).
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