Sharing web links via Twitter again

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Sharing web links via Twitter again

Post by BNG » 16 Aug 2015, 19:54

A while back I used to share cool web pages on my Twitter account TSModman using an IE extension called Sharethis? Then Twitter changed something and I couldn't do it anymore; don't really know why though. Anyways, I found a drag and drop solution that adds an icon to my browsers menu bar that when I visit a web page I can just click the icon and a window pops up that will post a link to the selected web page. Just thought I'd share the link>" onclick=";return false;

PS: Left click and drag the Twitter icon button onto your browsers menu bar. Ta Ta for now. Leroy. :bananacool2:

Bummer, on IE you can't drag the icon to the menu. One work around is to install the Goggle tool bar; it has an option to add a Twitter button for the same thing. Leroy.

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