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Post by Finis » 13 Jan 2020, 02:02


Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker

Spoiler free.

Entertaining and pretty good. I give it 4.7 of 5 on the entertainment meter. I recommend watching it.

What a pleasant surprise! I read that it was not good and was so full of PC stuff that it was nearly unwatchable. Since it is Disney I would expect that and J. J. Abrams usually means not worth watching. Maybe that article was not a review but what someone expected? Instead is was entertaining, pretty good story, and I didn't see any PC.

I suspected it would be sci-fi but not really Star Wars feel and style. It did have Star Wars feel and style! Some of that came from elements borrowed from previous episodes but the new stuff had it too. The CG and effects are great, used appropriately, and not overdone like some episodes. There is a lot of action. The acting was quite good.

A bit too much action. More character and story development would be good and is part of the Star Wars style. The power level of some characters was entertaining but also overdone. I think part of that is unearned power. It is where a character has great power, like superheroes, but didn't have to work to gain or develop it. I see that often in stories intended for adolescent to youth audiences. This movie does have broad audience appeal and the characters did train and study but the vast portion of their power is innate.
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