FREE HDR Backgrounds

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FREE HDR Backgrounds

Post by darkmage »

Just came across this site offering 105 free HDRs, for lighting and stuff." onclick=";return false;

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Re: FREE HDR Backgrounds

Post by spacekdet »

Nice find.
Here's a note from the author that may be relevant to all of us budget-minded freebie-hounds:

"5.Dowload is slow or not working!
They are probably too many people downloading too many HDRs at once. We understand that you want it all, but there is a bandwith limit of roughly 1TB per day. One HDR is 300MB, please don`t download everything at once, if you do, nobody else will be able to, please also use mirror links and, most importantly, be patient :)"

I like that he used PTgui... I remember using that somewhere along the line.

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