Carrara studio pro 6.2.1 for free in DAZ3D book.

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Carrara studio pro 6.2.1 for free in DAZ3D book.

Post by Cellulo » 21 Jan 2014, 12:09

This is old new but if you buy the daz3d book "figures characters and avatars" on amazon, you have Carrara studio 6.2.1 pro full include inside the companion CD in legal way, the cool thing it's that carrara studio pro 6.2.1 can import the native truespace cob format. I know carrara studio 6 is old and today you have the 8.5 version available but it can again make cool render today. I have bought the first version of the book in 2011 just for carrara studio pro 6 but i don't know if on the new version of the book there is carrara studio 6 again on the CD.

To unlock carrara studio 6, i found this topic in daz3d forum that talk to have the serial number, links are dead on the topic but found the more interest on wayback machine online cd content, you must download the file and open it to see the txt with the serial number. Also you can find a serial for hexagon modeler but this version of hexagon is old on the CD.

Here the description of carrara studio 6.2.1 on the old page of Daz 3d when it was sold.

-Features page.
-Compare page normal vs pro version.

Docs can be found here Manual in pdf on daz documentation center, the carrara 7 user guide is more suitable for the version 6.

And here it's the page for Carrara studio 8.5 that have more features and actually the price is -48% for those of you who is interest in this software.

-Carrara studio 8.5.

And last information the full version of Carrara studio 7 pro is available inside the issue 133 of the 3d world magazine, but i don't know if we can buy the old issue today need search on the net.

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Re: Carrara studio pro 6.2.1 for free in DAZ3D book.

Post by snts » 30 Dec 2019, 10:53

I had looked for its, but I didn’t find.
Thank you.

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