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MeshRelaxer v1 tsx

Posted: 04 Mar 2018, 21:52
by stan
Here is the first version of MeshRelaxer tsx
new version with larger window below
There are four types of smoothing incorporated in the MeshRelaxer.

Face selections, vertex paint and object selected methods. Groups not supported..

Smoothing can be animated.

If you set focus on an item and it greys out it's because it's not used in that method. Iterations and Mu are the two controls effected.

Error protection for open mesh created by removing faces. Must be on or ts crashes. one row of faces deleted doesn't cause an issue. Two or more does, it seems the vertex still exist so I had to get creative to clear them. So there is a ghost boolean when error protection is checked.
Once it had to been meshcollapsed into one object. Retroboy from the library objects still had crash issues which where fixed with error protection. Smoothed with Bilateral once. Not very smooth but served as a test object for error protection testing. .

Simple undo, it will undo the last procedure only. If the bridge is on you will find copies of every undo. An unintended effect that could be useful. But you must go to workspace and back to see them.

Holes not supported. That means making Polygon bevel, draw, and copy on faces,
Taubin method used to smooth the torso after converting it from metaball mesh.

Re: MeshRelaxer v1 tsx

Posted: 05 Mar 2018, 18:46
by Emmanuel
I've just made some tests and I'm very impressed by this tool. Will you make a quick tutorial to tell what all the different options are for ?

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Posted: 06 Mar 2018, 02:32
by stan
Emmanuel, first off download the tsx again. It wouldn't vertex paint properly.

Here is some info :
the error control is explained in first post.

All tools useful for all methods reside in the global panel

with the exception of Iterations at the moment only used in Laplacian and Taubin methods.

The animation checkbox is used to record vertex animation in all types. It's up to you to advance the frame manually after each pass.

The undo is a simple one move back. There is objects saved on workspace side if its switch to on or auto due to a bug in the method I used to make the object undo. (the object replace method).
On the laplacian~taubin panel there is two weight types and lambda and mu factors.

lambda is a positive and mu is a negative factor. They are used in tandem to smooth in Taubin smoothing.

Only lambda is in laplacian. Taubin is the best for keeping the mesh the same size while other methods reduce it in size.
Bilateral is a method that uses normals in the calculation. It has SigmaC and SigmaS factors to adjust the quality. Both are used at all times.
Vertex painting can be done with any Relaxing Method although as with selections it may or may not result in any appreciable smoothing.You can just undo and try something else. On a flat area no smoothing will do much..
The selection method is just faces. Selection will work like vertex paint in its effectiveness.
These are the relaxing methods in use on the same mesh.
setting can be seen on the panel in each case.

Average and Bilateral are shown in the same image.
Laplacian Methods below

Taubin methods below

Re: MeshRelaxer v1 tsx

Posted: 12 Mar 2018, 16:04
by Emmanuel
Thanks for the additional informations Stan.

This plugin is amazing !
When making soft objects like cushions I was using the SS tools but this always adds tons of polygons and often at unwanted places. With Mesh Relaxer, I can keep my polygon count and add some softness exactly where I want. This is really a very handy tool that brings new workflows in trueSpace.

I like to use the tool with Point Edit selection very much : it is fun to use and seems more reliable than the vertex color feature. It seems the eraser never really erases the painted vertices as they came back after I clic the Relax button and it shows up at rendering. Anyway the PE mode is sufficient to me and I don't think I will make use of the vertex color mode.

One remark : in Mesh Relaxer panel, a window size control at the bottom of the panel would be welcome to let the user set the height of the panel.

Thank you again for all your efforts. This one deserves a bunch of bananas.

Re: MeshRelaxer v1 tsx

Posted: 13 Mar 2018, 12:11
by stan
Thanks Emmanuel, too bad about the vertex paint. You use windows 10? The eraser is just the clear vertex colours tsx. Could you check if it works for you. I used xp and vs 2005 to code this. Not sure about a size control, but I can see if it's possible, or I can just make the window longer.