Problems with some scripts and fix for tS761 Std

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Problems with some scripts and fix for tS761 Std

Post by Cellulo » 08 Jan 2015, 18:53

I have make a fresh installation of trueSpace 7.61 standalone with Unofficial update 3, but i encounter some trouble with plugins updates and the auto objects installer:

First problem: i want to update the unlook fix script, i follow all steps with the LE part but i have a alert box window that say: installer is not loaded from file menu and after that it say it's ok it's installed, it is really ok ? , same thing for the PE pivot update script i don't know if the update it's working.

Second problem: i install the "object autoreload" made by Clinton, for installing it's ok, but i don't see the color fix for xyz, this don't work after the 1D to 2D steps. i see no change in the colors.

i'm noob in the workspace :oops:, need help.

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