Auto-Toolbar hider\WS layers & material protector

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Auto-Toolbar hider\WS layers & material protector

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A Scriptmas gift for you all! :bananaclaus:

This script will hide WS toolbars and protect WS layers and material from loss when changing to modelside and back automatically. I created it to hide my own toolbars and prevent loss of layer numbers and all material when switching back and forth.

I used trueBlue's panel load system for ease of activating the Main 3D window where the switch goes. It can also be added to secondary 3D windows by activated them one at a time and installing. Icon can be added to appropriate 3d windows aspect toolbar if you use them or deleted after adjusting settings in stack. Thanks tb..

It will hide the file/help toolbar and WS main toolbar as is but if you have other custom toolbars you want hidden you will need to modify some of my other entries in "ToolbarHider' node inside the ToolbarHide installer before installing. Some minor scripting knowledge required, but it should be easy to do.

I haven't tried it with Clinton or Dele's layer systems but it should work as they both work similar to mine as far as layer number placement in the layer index con on the Object Render attributes node.

Material should be protected in a WS glue group as they don't seem to be affected as long as you don't edit them. Unglue object before entering modelside if you want to edit one of the group objects there.

Let me know if there are any issues.
Enjoy.... :bananahi:
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Re: Auto-Toolbar hider\WS layers & material protector

Post by froo »

Cool stan!

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