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Vectary 3D

Posted: 23 Dec 2018, 04:04
by FHembree
Here's a new 3d vector modeling software and rendering program that I haven't seen before and it looks interesting.
Only thing is its an online software and is only free for the first 10 projects you create. Looks good except for the price. :roll:

Here are some youtube links: ... iDNWnQEmSz

Re: Vectary 3D

Posted: 09 Jan 2019, 22:50
by BNG
Sounds pretty interesting and seems reasonably priced. The community could use it to work together on projects. Rayman, did mention something about using software that would allow others to have a common application to share together. I'll add the site to my favorites and see if it might be useful. I don't model much nowadays, but have thought about getting back in to modeling as a hobby again. Have any of you all tried using it yet? Leroy.