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Job Simulator 2021

Post by MikomDude »

Job Finder 2021 is a game simulating the experience of finding a job in 2021.
Ever wanted to re-live the boredom, the existential dread and utter confusion of looking for work in 2021? Now you can!

In Job Finder 2021 you can put yourself through the whole process all over again and again and again...

The rules are simple, just keep applying for jobs, grow your network and do interviews.
  • Jobs can be found in the jobs tab.
  • Contacts in the contacts tab.
  • Chat and interviews are done in the messaging tab.

If this seem like something you'd like to play more, here are some additional planned features:

Player profile to check level and skill progress.
News page with random events and updates that can get you fired or maybe get you a job.
More in-depth chat response system.
Actual job tasks to perform when you get a job.

You can play it in your browser on!

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Re: Job Simulator 2021

Post by bitkar »

:D today, everything exists.
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